Risks of the consequences of psychological stress for men

Dr. Maxim Tyganov, a urologist, declared that men suffer more from the consequences of stress than women.


In an interview with the “Izvestia” newspaper, he points out that stress in men often develops into a chronic condition


“Of course, reactions to stress negatively affect men’s health,” he says. “Because women are more emotionally mobile, and men are used to facing difficulties themselves. Therefore, male stress often develops into a chronic condition.”


And he adds, stress causes hormonal imbalance, as the secretion of adrenaline and cortisol increases in men. And the hormone cortisol over time begins to discourage testosterone, which is reflected in the composition of sperm – its quality decreases.


He points out that testosterone is responsible not only for sexual desire, but also for muscle growth, strengthening bone tissue, memory and attention. Moreover, hormonal imbalance leads to cancer and cardiovascular disease.


And, he adds, there is no specific way to combat stress. But it is better not to remain silent about the existing problems. It should be discussed with close people or specialists.

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