Magical masks for dry and tired hair

Do you know, madam, that your hair needs nutrients? Do you have to cut your hair to hide the damage? Madam, forget the medicines, treatments, and scissors, and apply these masks to restore vitality to your hair. Egg mask: Eggs are a rich source of proteins that your hair needs. Egg yolks are rich in fat and proteins your hair […]

What is forbidden and allowed in the nail care routine

The change of seasons from hot to cold has a huge impact on your skin, and its effect extends even to your nails. Therefore, you have to constantly renew your nail care routine to challenge the effects of external factors.   Whether you are the type of person who suffers from constant nail breakage or who regularly uses nail polish, […]

Fat Burning Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is the name given to all the procedures performed by injection. There are varieties such as skin mesotherapy, hair mesotherapy and regional weakening. The contents of mesotherapies are different according to the application areas. In this article, we will talk about mesotherapy that provides regional fat burning. Regional Fat Burning with PB Serum Mesotherapy PB Serum is a mesotherapy consisting of enzymes. With […]

للحصول على يدين ناعمتين وناصعتا البياض هذه هنا تجدين الخلطة المناسبة

تبييض اليدين من الأمور التي ترغب فيها المرأة وتسعى إليها لا سيما إذا كانت تعتمد على وصفة طبيعية مثالية تمنح النتائج المطلوبة، لهذا نقدم لكم وصفة جبارة من خلال موقع لالة مولاتي التي تقدم لكم دائما الأفضل والأجمل المكونات : 3 ملاعق من النشا + 3 ملاعق من الحليب السائل + ملعقة من العسل الطبيعي + عصير نصف ليمونة طريقة […]

Causes of narcissistic personality

What are the causes of narcissistic personality and what makes a person vulnerable to it? Narcissistic personality disorder is a personality disorder in which people have an exaggerated opinion of themselves and have a strong need for admiration and attention from others. Some people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder may be generally unhappy, and may be very disappointed when they do […]

Tending the Home Fires

This past weekend was brutally cold and I remained cocooned in my house. No way in hell was I going out to run in -30ºC (with the wind chill) no way, no how.  For the first time this year, I decided to make a fire in slow burning wood stove.  Man, the wood I have […] Tending the Home Fires

Protect the router from hacking with a QR code

Protecting the router from penetration through a QR code is one of the latest technologies to protect the device and prevent the theft of the Internet connection without your knowledge from neighbors and some passers-by. This is an important step especially since the activities of everyone connected through your router are counting on you, and a sophisticated ransomware can spread in the network […]

How to prevent type 2 diabetes

  Prevention of Type II diabetes hello followers site carebeautyco is diabetes type II diabetes the most common types of diabetes in the world, where millions of people suffering, which is the sixth leading cause of death.   Prevention of type 2 diabetes Diabetes can cause many debilitating conditions, such as blindness, kidney disease (sometimes requiring dialysis), heart disease and amputations. Unlike type 1 diabetes, […]