Egg yolk is a very important ingredient in our daily meals.

Scientific research has proven that eating egg yolks contributes to developing many creative abilities in the mind. Eating egg yolks as one of the basics of the diet helps in developing mental abilities, such as strengthening memory.


Contrary to common beliefs that egg yolks increase cholesterol, research has proven that one egg yolk contains 180 to 190 mg of cholesterol, which is a lower percentage than the percentage of beneficial cholesterol that the liver produces and the body needs. The normal rate of cholesterol in the body is 300 mg, so eat the whole egg. It is important and beneficial for health.




Egg yolks contain many important nutrients for a healthy body. Egg yolks contain calcium, which contributes to strengthening bones, and iron, which helps eliminate anemia. Egg yolks help produce hemoglobin in the blood and strengthen immunity, and phosphorus and zinc, which act as anti-toxins and strengthen bones.




Egg yolks are very useful in stimulating healthy growth in children by providing the child’s body with many important nutritional elements to ensure healthy growth. Egg yolks provide the body with calcium, iron and zinc, which are very important elements that must be taken into account in the child’s diet to ensure healthy and sound growth.





Egg yolks contain omega-3 fatty acids, which contribute to developing the immune and physical capabilities of the human body and protect against exposure to many diseases.




Eating egg yolks may give a person a feeling of fullness for long periods, unlike fast food, which increases calories in the body and does not give a feeling of fullness in many cases.




Egg yolks contain vitamins that help protect the eye from macular degeneration, which is one of the chronic eye diseases that may cause vision loss, which increases the risk of developing the condition with age. Eating egg yolks is important and necessary for the elderly.

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