Foods you should stop storing in the refrigerator

Many people put leftovers in the refrigerator to keep them fresh for a longer period, but we should not put all the food in the refrigerator, as some foods can lose their taste, flavor and color when placed at a low temperature, as for some items, such as butter, bread or vegetables Or fruits, cold storage is necessary. In this […]

Tips to Grow Your Hair Fast

Tips to Grow Your Hair Fast       You recently had your hair cut or had to for some reason. However, considering the sultanate of long hair, you want to lengthen your hair and crown it with various knitting models. But don’t say “my hair is short” and lower the sails into the water! Because we will share with […]

L-arginine: indications, dosage, and side effects

L-arginine, a type of amino acid, is considered a semi-essential; This means that the organism’s body lacks the ability to produce this nitrogen-rich amino acid, and it can be provided to the body by relying on rich foods such as nutritional supplements and dairy products. Arginine is the focus of interest for bodybuilders because of its interaction with a number […]

Are pistachios allowed in the keto diet

Are pistachios allowed in the keto diet there are those who love pistachios, and prefer to eat them from time to time, so many ask about the allowance of pistachios in the keto diet, for everyone who follows the keto diet to lose weight wants to know the answer to this question in order to benefit from eating pistachios if […]

Calories in pineapple juice

Calories in pineapple juice   pineapple juice is low in calories and this is what distinguishes it from other types of juices, and it should be noted that pineapple juice does not need to add sugar as it contains sugar and does not need any sweeteners,   Benefits of pineapple juice for diet   Pineapple juice is ideal for those […]

Benefits of black carrots Carrots

Benefits of black carrots Carrots are one of the most useful vegetables that no home is without, and we all often know carrots in orange or yellow, but there are carrots in another color, dark purple, and this carrot is called black carrot,   What is black carrot   Black carrot is a type of carrot, known scientifically as (Daucus […]

Benefits of mushroom coffee

Benefits of mushroom coffee     Coffee drink in various flavors and types is a favorite drink for a very large number of people, and when drinking coffee in moderation; It provides the body with many health benefits, and there are some other types of coffee that have a greater number of health benefits and fewer side effects, including mushroom […]

The amount of bread allowed for diabetics

The amount of bread allowed for diabetics, as diabetes is one of the chronic diseases that many individuals suffer from, and it should be noted here that whoever suffers from this disease, there are many things that must be adhered to, in order to preserve it. With regard to their health, and accordingly, we find that many patients frequently search […]

A big breakfast helps you lose weight

A big breakfast helps you lose weight.. A study denies that   We have heard decades ago, often, that it is better to eat a large and calorie-rich breakfast, but a recent study came to refute this.In this article on my site, information will be covered on the subject of a large breakfast that helps you lose weight.. A study […]

Benefits of lychee fruit for pregnant women

Expert opinions differ regarding the benefits of lychee fruit for pregnant women. While some believe that there is no harm in eating lychee during pregnancy…   Lychee fruit   Lychee is a tropical fruit native to southern China, as well as India, Bangladesh, southern Taiwan and northern Vietnam. In addition to Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines, lychee fruit is also […]