For a successful foundation

Madam, here are some tips and experiences that must be matched when buying foundation cream. Follow the details with us and share your opinion…   1. Try the foundation on under the cheekbone to match the color before you buy it.       2. Choose a foundation that completely melts into the skin without weighing it down.     […]

How do you choose the right foundation cream for you?

The foundation cream is one of the most important components of integrated makeup because it works to hide the flaws of the face if it is chosen correctly and suitable for your skin. 1- Choose the right formula for your skin type. If you have oily skin, look for oil-free formulas. If you have dry skin, look for a hydrating […]

Treatment of large pores with make-up!

Wide pores are one of the problems that many girls face, and it affects their beauty, especially in women Summer, with rising temperatures, pores expand more, and today we review with you smart tricks from Makeup hides the appearance of large pores that affect the beauty of your skin, here is the treatment of large pores through tricks Smart makeup, […]

Skin whitening cream side effects

There is no doubt that the use of skin-lightening cream indiscriminately and exaggeratedly by some girls and women, It involves health risks, and leads to very serious consequences, as the chemical analysis of lightening cream The commercially traded skin in the markets has shown that it contains a dangerous group of substances and compounds such as hydroguinone, cortisone, and benzenediol, […]

Wrong used beauty products

Here is a list of beauty products that are used completely wrong, so do not feel their benefits, know in detail how to apply them properly to maintain your beauty, and avoid mistakes that negatively affect your skin and cause it to dry and pale.   From serum to wet wipes.. beauty products that are used wrong   Wipes:   […]

Homemade skin tightening and anti-aging cream

One of the main problems that women suffer from in the advanced stages of their lives is the problem of sagging skin and the appearance of wrinkles due to aging. This is mainly due to the gradual and proportional decrease in the production of collagen and elastin with age.   So, to reduce these signs and maintain youthful skin for […]

Is using a care serum essential, and why?

Yes, the use of a care serum or a serum is essential for optimal care. The serum is concentrated with active ingredients, so its results appear on the skin after a short period. Since the serum formula is gelatinous, it is easily absorbed by the skin in just a few seconds. However, to make the most of the serum, you […]