Hide skin blemishes with concealer.

Sudden color changes occur on the skin, such as dark or blue circles under the eyes, brown spots on the cheeks or forehead, or melasma spots due to the sun’s rays…


However, with some makeup tricks, women can hide these defects and reduce their prominence.


In this case, beauty experts advise you to use a very effective method called concealer in neutral colors or neutral colors.


Concealer Corrective comes in three colors: green, yellow, and violet. All you have to do is determine the color of the blemish in your skin and choose a concealer in a neutral color.


Here’s how to choose the right concealer color from experts:


– Green: It is used to hide red and pink shades of facial blemishes, such as red spots and pimples.


– Yellow: It is used to hide blue bruises, blue circles around the eyes, and light shades of red.


– Violet: It is used to hide blemishes that tend to be yellow, such as pale skin and yellow bruises, as well as very dark circles under the eyes and dark spots on bronze skin.


If you suffer from dark circles around the eyes, choose a concealer with a yellow base, which helps hide the blue shadows and blood vessels that the skin has healed.


If you suffer from dark spots on the forehead or cheeks, as well as age lines, use a yellow concealer.


As for yellow and brown bruises, they can be hidden by using a purple concealer. Green concealer is used to hide reddish bruises.


All you have to do is put a reasonable amount of concealer in neutral colors on the area that suffers from the defect, wipe it off, and even out its borders using your fingers.


(Do not use a sponge because it absorbs part of the cream), then apply the remaining makeup steps for you by applying foundation or powder.

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