Prince Harry was prevented from wearing a military uniform and Prince Andrew was allowed… What is the reason?

The news that Prince Harry will not be allowed to wear his military uniform during the funeral and farewell ceremonies for Queen Elizabeth II because he is no longer a working member of the royal family has made headlines and international news agencies. Apparently, this true news angered Prince Harry, so he issued a statement in which he spoke about […]

Learn about 3 Macs that may be announced at Apple’s conference

Millions around the world are waiting for the WWDC 2022 conference, which is scheduled to be held on June 6, and the talk begins with the usual annual keynote focused on Apple developers, and with the approach of the event, expectations abound about what the company will announce, which are some announcements for the macOS system, and it is also […]

Google is developing Google Lens when searching for images

The American company Google revealed the completion of the development of Google Lens through a new update within the searches on the Google Chrome browser, which contributes to giving users the ability to view the source of images on the same search page. The Verge published a report in which it revealed that previously, the user could search for a […]

Robots contribute to doing housework soon.. find out the details

A recent report conveyed data revealed by a global technology company based in Singapore, that it is currently working on developing a group of future robots, but in secret, stressing that it has designed robots in order to carry out a variety of different household chores, which is expected to help everyone in near future. And the British Daily Mail […]

Tik Tok doubles the profits of content creators by this step

According to press reports a few months ago, the TikTok application is testing paid subscriptions to allow content creators to charge for some of their content, thus earning more for their revenue. At the time, the social network didn’t explain exactly how the new feature would work, but has now decided to shed some light on the matter in a […]

How to use linkedin to search for a job

The problem that bothers young people in this era is the search for a job and the need to generate solutions, as this site was launched in a new way in 2012 so that it saves time in searching for companies and becomes one of the professional social networking sites   But what is linkedin is one of the social networks […]

New Range Rover: Breathtaking modernity, ultimate mastery, unparalleled capabilities

Range Rover, the original luxury SUV, has led the scene as a role model for fifty years, combining absolute comfort and balance, and superior capabilities, and the new Range Rover is the most attractive to date, combining modernity and aesthetics, with technological development and seamless communications The new car is available with a range of highly efficient, plug-in hybrid powertrains. […]


What is the concept of channel marketing? Marketing Channel: We define a marketing channel as the path through which goods flow from producers to consumers or customers, as it is important to consider each point on the path in order to create a complete picture of how the goods are actually made and sold. What are the types of marketing […]