The first magnetic storm of 2024 hits us on this date

Astronomers report an expected geomagnetic storm that will hit us on January 1, writes “Telegraph”. According to data from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA), it will be a G1 class.


A doctor has revealed how to avoid overeating


Slight disruptions to communications networks and even Internet outages are possible in parts of the US and Europe.


Let’s recall that magnetic storms are divided into five categories – G1 “weak”, G2 “medium”, G3 “strong”, G4 “very strong” and G5 “extremely strong”.


What can the magnetic storm do to us?


Usually, the disturbances caused by it adversely affect the elderly and people with weak immunity. Those who are sensitive to the phenomena may experience fatigue, headache, malaise, fluctuating blood pressure and poor concentration.


What is a geomagnetic storm?


Geomagnetic storms are large and sudden disturbances in the values ​​of the Earth’s magnetic field caused by its interaction with the solar wind. When an eruption is observed from one of the active regions of the Sun, a stream of plasma is released into interplanetary space, which is shot at a speed of between 600 and 900 km. /sec. It usually takes about two days for this flow to reach Earth.


Charged particles manage to penetrate through the polar regions and cause the formation of powerful current systems around the equator and polar circles.



How to protect ourselves?


During geomagnetic storms, doctors advise to follow a diet with fruits and vegetables, without animal fats. Drinking more water also helps a lot. Spend a few hours outside, but don’t overdo it with the walks



The Endless Debate: How Did King Michael Jackson Die?

Michael Jackson, also called King of the Pop, is undoubtedly among the most iconic figures in the history of music. His distinctive style, unusual clothes, unique dance and unique songs continue to affect millions of people even today despite the many years that have passed. However, the more glorious the career of this music genius, the more controversial its life is. Moreover, the death of Michael Jackson is an endless topic of debate! As you know, the legendary name of the music left us in 2009. For many music lovers, this shocking news of death meant little to some. According to some musicians, Michael Jackson was not dead! It is possible to hear questions about the artist whose life and death are mentioned together with many conspiracy theories, even today as if Michael Jackson is dead? So, what was the truth? Can the King of Pop really be alive? How Michael Jackson died, Let’s look at the answers to questions like when Michael Jackson died and whether he’s still alive.


How did Michael Jackson die?


Michael Jackson was able to admire people in the early years of his career and when he was on the rise. Later in his career, however, he was constantly on the agenda with accusations of failed marriages, health problems and even child abuse. Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest on June 25, 2009, as a result of a deadly cocktail of sedatives and anesthetics propofol, given by his doctor Conrad Murray .


It was later concluded that the incident was a murder, and Murray was charged with murder in November 2011. But despite everything, the reason Michael Jackson died was due to his deteriorating health in the last 20 years of his life. The King of Pop was claimed to have an eating disorder, stress and insomnia, and was particularly dependent on prescription drugs.


Let us now clarify the question of whether Michael Jackson died by explaining what Michael Jackson did the day before he died and what happened the day he died.

June 24, 2009


Michael Jackson was rehearsing on June 24th for the series of concerts called (, which This Is It )Michael Jackson planned to do before he died. Many artists who saw the king of the pop said that he looked very good. The rehearsal continued all evening and midnight. When Michael Jackson returned home after rehearsal, he met his fans in front of his house. Despite working for a long time, he made time to greet fans in front of his house.


But Michael Jackson complained of fatigue and insomnia after entering the house. This was the beginning of all problems.


June 25, 2009 morning


Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s doctor, gave him a series of drugs to help the famous artist sleep in the early hours. Afterwards, concerns escalated when Michael did not leave his room.


25 June 2009 afternoon


Murray was unresponsive when he found Michael Jackson, and he was not breathing, Murray claimed his pulse was weak when he found it. Although Murray’s explanations questioned his CPR technique and the fact that he chose to do it on a soft bed instead of a hard surface, Jackson ⁇ tried to help.


In addition, Murray’s failure to call for help quickly caused many question marks in the mind. There was no fixed phone in the house, and Murray said he didn’t know the address of the house well enough to call medics from his cell phone. Eventually Michael Jackson called security paramedics on his property, but there was a 30-minute interval between the moment Murray found Michael Jackson and the search for paramedics.


Paramedics gave heart massage for 42 minutes before taking Jackson to the hospital. Health officials tried to bring Michael Jackson back to life, but he died more than an hour later. Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009, at 14.26’, at the Ronald Reagan UCLA medical center


Autopsy and investigation


The Los Angeles County coroner determined that Jackson’s death was a murder as a result of combined drug poisoning. The toxicology report suggested that the most important drug found was propofol, an anesthetic associated with cardiac arrest. However, lidocaine, ephedrine and lorazepam were also found in Jackson’s system.


After Jackson’s death, police found various drugs in his home, including some of the drugs taken under false names. Jackson’s finding that he died of an overdose of propofol led to Conrad Murray being accused of killing unintentional men on February 8, 2010’. The doctor was sentenced to four years in prison for his role in Jackson’s death. However, he was released as a result of good health and his license to practice medicine in California was suspended.


Is Michael Jackson dead


Fans of the famous artist and people who looked at his death with suspicion think Michael Jackson is not dead. So much so that these suspicions of people led to the emergence of various theories from the day Michael Jackson died.


When an ambulance arrives at the hospital to take him to the hospital on the day Michael Jackson died, images of the famous artist walking out of the ambulance and people who were suspected of not being upset by their relatives at Jackson’s funeral it stands out as some of the events. In addition, various theories have been put forward about Michael Jackson’s life over the years and continue to be discarded. This makes many people wonder if Michael Jackson is dead. While there are many theories that Michael Jackson lived, none of them have been proven.


A lot of people think that former tennis player Sergio Cortes, is actually Michael Jackson


Sergio Cortes is a former professional tennis player from Chile. Cortes is very similar to Michael Jackson in physical terms, so he often comes up. Fans of the King of Pop and those who do not believe he is dead believe that Sergio Cortes is actually Michael Jackson. Many people on social media even asked for DNA testing, noting the similarity between Sergio Cortes and Michael Jackson. Cortes, on the other hand, enjoys this intense interest.



Although there are many Coins in the crypto money world, questions such as how much was the price of Bitcoin can be asked, since BTC is the first to make its name in the industry.




Although there are many Coins in the cryptocurrency world, BTC is the first to make a name for itself in the industry.bitcoinQuestions such as how much was the price can be asked. If you want to know the last price on TL basis, it is observed as 559.380.77.


However, it should be noted that Coins are not fixed, on the contrary, there are changes in their price during the day. Becausebitcoin price If you are looking for up-to-date data about the stock market, it is always recommended to follow it. Nowadays, there are many options such as Binance in this sense. Price analyzes can be made immediately on the stock market. Our article has been prepared to inform you about BTC and is not an investment recommendation.


What Affects Bitcoin Price?


In general, there are many issues that affect the value of both BTC and Cryptocurrencies. In general terms, these are


Supply and demand,Production cost,Number of competing cryptocurrencies,media and news,


It is seen in the form. Supply and demand are one of the important factors on price. Since only 21 million BTC will be produced, only a certain amount is created per year. Its protocol also only allows the creation of BTCs at a fixed rate. The rate has a structure that will slow down over time.


Production cost


Bitcoin and coins are produced through a process called mining. In mining, computers are used to validate the next block in the blockchain. The decentralized miner network allows Bitcoin and coins to work as is. In turn, the protocol generates a reward in the form of cryptocurrency tokens in addition to the fees paid to the miners by the swapping parties.


Bitcoin price is also affected by the cost of production in this regard. Computing power is required to validate the blockchain. It is also thought that the value of Bitcoin and coins will be affected as mining costs increase. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are created through a process called mining.


Rival Coins


There are many different cryptocurrencies available today. While Bitcoin is the most well-known, there are hundreds of other tokens competing for people’s investment. But Bitcoin’s dominance has waned over time. In 2017, Bitcoin accounts for more than 80 percent of the total market cap in the crypto market. However, by 2022, its share has fallen below 50 percent.


In this respect, rival Coins and the increase in their number are also one of the factors affecting the price of Bitcoin .Ethereumhas emerged as a strong competitor to Bitcoin, especially with the rise of decentralized finance.


Media and News


Media and news is another factor that affects the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. If a development or a new event occurs in the coin industry, it is quickly published through digital media. As a result, it can easily reach different users on a global scale.


In this respect, not only positive but also negative news is one of the factors affecting the BTC price. Various factors contribute to this price movement, including supply and demand dynamics, production costs, competition, regulatory developments, and subsequent media coverage.


Bitcoin Beginning and Initial Prices


The price of Bitcoin over the years has changed a lot since the first day the Coin was launched. The White Paper of the project was published on October 31, 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. When the dates show January 3, 2009, the first Bitcoin block was created.


However, the first commercial transaction using BTC took place in later dates. On May 22, 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz’s purchase of 2 pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoins is the first use in this sense. However, as the popularity of Bitcoin increased, its usage areas also changed a lot as the crypto money system progressed.


In addition to all these, there have been different developments since the first day Bitcoin was introduced. In this respect, Altcoins started to enter the sector shortly after the introduction of BTC.


In this respect, its price has also experienced many ups and downs between 2009-2023. In this respect, like all coins, BTC does not have a standard structure. If you want to follow the Bitcoin price instantly, it is recommended to look instantly on the exchanges in this regard. For example, you can enter Binance and see the current Bitcoin prices through the platform







Prince Harry was prevented from wearing a military uniform and Prince Andrew was allowed… What is the reason?

The news that Prince Harry will not be allowed to wear his military uniform during the funeral and farewell ceremonies for Queen Elizabeth II because he is no longer a working member of the royal family has made headlines and international news agencies.

Apparently, this true news angered Prince Harry, so he issued a statement in which he spoke about the matter and the importance of focusing on the most important event, which is the funeral of Queen Elizabeth.

The Independent has published the statement issued by a spokesman for Prince Harry, which stated that he will be wearing a morning suit rather than the military and should focus on the life and legacy of Queen Elizabeth II.

The statement read: “Prince Harry will wear a regular morning suit for the duration of the special events honoring his grandmother. His decade of military service will not be categorized by the uniform he wears and we respectfully request that the focus remain on the life and legacy of Queen Elizabeth II.” Military uniform It seems that the appearance of Megan Markle and Prince Harry alongside the royal family after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, especially since the circumstances ruled that they were in London during her death, did not allow them to be treated as if nothing had happened.

While Prince Harry was prevented from wearing a military uniform at his grandmother’s funeral because he abandoned her royal duties, Prince Andrew, who was stripped of his royal titles because of the cases involved in the United States of America, was allowed to wear a military uniform at his mother’s funeral.

Prince Andrew got an exception from his brother, King Charles III, to wear his uniform in the last stand, when the Queen’s four sons stand on the four sides of her coffin, while the king did not grant his son Harry this exception despite his ten years military service.

Learn about 3 Macs that may be announced at Apple’s conference

Millions around the world are waiting for the WWDC 2022 conference, which is scheduled to be held on June 6, and the talk begins with the usual annual keynote focused on Apple developers, and with the approach of the event, expectations abound about what the company will announce, which are some announcements for the macOS system, and it is also expected that Some new Macs.
According to a recent report published by Digitartlends, the giant American company did not announce or even hint at any new Mac devices expected at the upcoming exhibition, but there are some leaks and rumors that were launched months ago indicating the possibility of two Macs at the expected event, they are announced during the speech Main.
In the following lines, we show you a list of the four Macs that we could see at WWDC, as well as one that we almost certainly won’t be able to see at the upcoming conference:

MacBook Air M2

The report expects that the MacBook Air M2 will be the closest to being present at the event, because the American company usually issues a new device every year, but the company did not announce one in 2021, and experts expect that the update that was scheduled for last year has been delayed due to the global shortage. In the chips, stressing that it may come in the new version with more design changes than performance improvements.
It is expected that the new MacBook Air M2 will appear in completely different colors to match the 24-inch device, and the keycaps in a round white.

Mac Pro with M1 Extreme

Technology experts believe that the current Mac Pro does not follow the pace of the annual update of other Mac devices, but the current model is still ready for the update, as the current version was launched in 2019, and it is still the only device that uses an Intel processor, with the exception of the iMac 27 inch.
Recent leaks say the M1 Extreme processor can be powered as this chip uses the same concept as the M1 Urtla, and the chip combines four M1 Max chips together instead of the two used in the M1 Urtla.

Mac Mac Mini 2

While some see that it is not necessary to update the Mac Mini in the expected event, there are expectations that Apple will launch the Mac Mini M2 at WWDC, and they see that it will not be a surprise as it was launched by the M1 Mac Mini and M1 MacBook Air along with Besides, the American company previously confirmed that the new Mac Mini will come soon

Google is developing Google Lens when searching for images

The American company Google revealed the completion of the development of Google Lens through a new update within the searches on the Google Chrome browser, which contributes to giving users the ability to view the source of images on the same search page.

The Verge published a report in which it revealed that previously, the user could search for a specific image in Google, by clicking on the image and going to the page link directly, but after the development of the latest Google Lens tool, Google Chrome will display within the image results in a panel to the right of the page web.

This is not the first development, according to the report, as the Google Lens tool has received a very large development since the beginning of last year, after it was made available from the American company on computers and laptops via the Google Chrome browser.

The user can access the developed tool by right-clicking on the image to browse and then selecting the “Search Image with Google Lens” option, or search for images using the Google Lens tool itself.

Users can now benefit from Google Lens services by using its own application on the smartphone on Android phones and iPhones as well, and they can use it through the original camera application on some Android phones, most notably Google Pixel phones.

And Google had previously introduced support for translation in the Google Lens application and without contact, by launching the update directly, and the user can translate texts to different languages ​​through the Google Lens application directly by downloading the required language update by clicking on the side of the screen in the “Select” box. Language”, and the user can click on it to download the language pack of translations when offline.

Robots contribute to doing housework soon.. find out the details

A recent report conveyed data revealed by a global technology company based in Singapore, that it is currently working on developing a group of future robots, but in secret, stressing that it has designed robots in order to carry out a variety of different household chores, which is expected to help everyone in near future.

And the British Daily Mail newspaper published in the report a set of tasks that the awaited robots, which are currently in development, can provide from home work that provides more convenience for users in the future.

The expected robots can handle the tasks of arranging children’s toys, in addition to cleaning dishes as well, according to the brief glimpse revealed by the company through the new robotic models at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Philadelphia.

For his part, Jake Dyson, chief engineer at the global company, said in statements to the Daily Mail, that he expects a great future in the field of robotics, which will save people time, in addition to performing more household chores, and improving daily life around humans.

“I’m a boy but I’ve spent half my entire life cleaning up after my kids, and that’s really hard work,” Dyson said.

The waiting robots will probably be equipped with some way to wash dishes and pick up toys for children, as well as the ability to find lost coins or potato chips scattered in the room and under the sofa cushions.

The aforementioned company is developing more new robots, while it employs more than 250 robotic engineers, while it has previously announced expectations to hire 700 others in the next five years.

The Singapore-based company has been working on the development of ground-based car robots for more than 20 years, and is now conducting more research into more advanced robotics that no one knows about yet, but it has released a glimpse of these ambitious plans for the upcoming robots being launched. Currently working on it at Halvington Airport in Wiltshire.

Tik Tok doubles the profits of content creators by this step

According to press reports a few months ago, the TikTok application is testing paid subscriptions to allow content creators to charge for some of their content, thus earning more for their revenue. At the time, the social network didn’t explain exactly how the new feature would work, but has now decided to shed some light on the matter in a recent blog post.

In its press release, TikTok introduced LIVE Subscription, a monthly subscription for people to support their favorite live creators. Subscribers will get some perks as a gesture of gratitude for their support, allowing them to stand out from the rest of the users.

Those who wish to pay for direct membership will receive “Subscriber Badges”, which will appear next to their profile and indicate how long they have been subscribed with the Creator. They will also have access to exclusive ‘Emoticons’, specially designed by creators, to use during live sessions.

The Chinese app also announced the addition of a subscriber-only chat feature, which, when activated, will likely replace the regular group chat, allowing only those with a subscription to comment.

This all sounds great, but what about the prices? In his blog post, TikTok did not mention how much it will cost you to support your favorite creator. However, some celebrities on TikTok claim that the pricing is “similar” to that of Twitch and that TikTok’s revenue split is the same as that of the competing streaming platform. Twitch memberships start at $4.99 per month, with Twitch getting 30% to 50% of the subscription revenue. So, if the prices are really similar, and you want to support your favorite creator, expect to put in at least $5 per month.

As ByteDance, the company behind the social media platform, the live subscription will be officially launched in beta testing on May 26. But before you start spending your money on Tik Tok celebrities, you should know that only a select group of these celebrities will take part in the quiz. The feature will become available globally in the coming months, so wait a bit if your favorite creator isn’t part of the pick.

Of course, if it’s not a monthly subscription, there are other ways to show your appreciation for your favorite creator’s work. You can send tips, and you can also send them a virtual gift, which they can then exchange for real money.

Court adjourns sentencing in the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard case to next Tuesday

After millions around the world and hundreds in front of the court lived long hours of waiting for the final verdict in the case of international actor Johnny Depp and star Amber Heard, the court decided to postpone the pronouncement of the verdict until next Tuesday, May 31, 2022 at nine in the morning.

Apparently, the case is not easy for the jury, and the long time they met for consultation was not enough to take a fair and decisive decision, and it is known that we are approaching the beginning of the weekend, so the verdict was postponed to next Tuesday, May 31, 2022.

And fixed camera lenses in front of the court entrance were able to spot the star Johnny Depp as he left the court minutes before the postponement was announced, while Amber Heard never appeared.

The decision to postpone the pronouncement of the verdict caused a sensation on social media, and a wave of anger, especially since the issue has been occupying public opinion greatly recently, and everyone has been waiting for this moment.


Johnny Depp’s attorney


Camille Vasquez, the lawyer for the star Johnny Depp, who has come to prominence a lot recently and some reports have mentioned that the two are romantically involved, submitted a court argument at today’s closing hearing.

Camille Vasquez began her speech by thanking the court for listening to them for 7 weeks, and then touched on the case starting with the first lawsuit filed by Amber Heard on May 27, 2017, and then moving on to the article she wrote two years later about the violence she was subjected to, without saying She remembers his name, confident that the world will remember the shape of her face that she photographed two years ago and fabricated many charges for him.

Vasquez said Amber did not expect Johnny Depp to appear in front of the entire world to say that he was subjected to violence, and suffered so much.

The lawyer showed several audio recordings showing how Amber was talking to Johnny about her abuse, and how she was laughing and telling him, “Don’t act like a child.”

She also explained how the psychiatrist diagnosed Amber that she suffers from mental illness, as if she lives with more than one character, and that she looks like a nice lady, but also turns violent.

Camille also pointed out that Amber’s friend and her special assistant confirmed that she was a nervous character and had previously abused them.

The lawyer spoke, after showing several documented recordings, how Amber was abusing Johnny, and then sought to talk to him and get him back, and refused to withdraw when the situation became tense, but insisted that he stay to complete the quarrel and also prevent him from abandoning her.

With regard to the subject of his violence against him, the lawyer referred to the testimonies of the doctors and nurses who attended to treat his finger, and denied that they had seen any signs that prove that Amber was subjected to violence.

She also proved with pictures that the dates given by Amber of being subjected to violence, were posting pictures of her when she was in her best condition.

It also presented several records from the court contradicting Amber’s confessions 6 years ago, especially as she had previously confirmed that the first year for them was perfect, while she confirmed in the current court that the violence began since the honeymoon.

Regarding donating the money she got from Johnny Depp, and Amber justified that Johnny did not leave her enough time to donate, the lawyer stated that Amber had more than 13 months to donate before the trials began.


She concluded her speech after showing many pictures and recordings by saying that Johnny Depp has many pictures and recordings of her voice, in addition to medical reports, while she only has some pictures that have been proven to be modified.

Therefore, the matter now is not for the court to believe Amber Heard or Johnny Depp, but the reality is that either Amber Heard or Johnny Depp must be believed and more than 20 witnesses to his statements, all of whom are named.

Camille Vasquez left the conversation after that to her colleague, before moving to the Amber Heard team, and then to the jury, which, after several hours of consultation, announced the postponement of the verdict in the case until next Tuesday.

How to use linkedin to search for a job

The problem that bothers young people in this era is the search for a job and the need to generate solutions, as this site was launched in a new way in 2012 so that it saves time in searching for companies and becomes one of the professional social networking sites


But what is linkedin is one of the social networks site  specialized in discussing business in all fields so that all experienced people gather in one place for development and includes a very large number of companies and targeted movements that help everyone and allow you to arrange your CV and help you develop your business 

And as in Facebook  , it shows you some people with whom you can communicate. This happens in linkedin as well, but in a different way. It shows you people, companies and groups that can benefit you according to the fields of companies that you can follow to follow their news and according to the field of work that you want and not randomly so that it is easy for you Communication and making relationships


Features of Facebook:

** It can be used in marketing more skillfully than Facebook 

** Subscribers have higher incomes than any other social networking site

** Also, 39% of its subscribers are considered managers and supervisors with high positions in their companies, which means that communicating with them in the correct manner is of great value to the owner.

How to use LinkedIn, educate yourself 2

How do you start?

It is important to start on this site that you write your CV on it professionally, and in that you can use the personalities that can appear to you in the search of friends

It is also important to keep your CV up to date on this site as it can be your path to a job or give you some impression of what you want to do in the future in your company or your life.

Search for and track the most prominent companies in your field, which allows the site to show you even small emerging companies that you can learn about later