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The Endless Debate: How Did King Michael Jackson Die?

Michael Jackson, also called King of the Pop, is undoubtedly among the most iconic figures in the history of music. His distinctive style, unusual clothes, unique dance and unique songs continue to affect millions of people even today despite the many years that have passed. However, the more glorious the career of this music genius, the more controversial its life is. Moreover, the death of Michael Jackson is an endless topic of debate! As you know, the legendary name of the music left us in 2009. For many music lovers, this shocking news of death meant little to some. According to some musicians, Michael Jackson was not dead! It is possible to hear questions about the artist whose life and death are mentioned together with many conspiracy theories, even today as if Michael Jackson is dead? So, what was the truth? Can the King of Pop really be alive? How Michael Jackson died, Let’s look at the answers to questions like when Michael Jackson died and whether he’s still alive.


How did Michael Jackson die?


Michael Jackson was able to admire people in the early years of his career and when he was on the rise. Later in his career, however, he was constantly on the agenda with accusations of failed marriages, health problems and even child abuse. Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest on June 25, 2009, as a result of a deadly cocktail of sedatives and anesthetics propofol, given by his doctor Conrad Murray .


It was later concluded that the incident was a murder, and Murray was charged with murder in November 2011. But despite everything, the reason Michael Jackson died was due to his deteriorating health in the last 20 years of his life. The King of Pop was claimed to have an eating disorder, stress and insomnia, and was particularly dependent on prescription drugs.


Let us now clarify the question of whether Michael Jackson died by explaining what Michael Jackson did the day before he died and what happened the day he died.

June 24, 2009


Michael Jackson was rehearsing on June 24th for the series of concerts called (, which This Is It )Michael Jackson planned to do before he died. Many artists who saw the king of the pop said that he looked very good. The rehearsal continued all evening and midnight. When Michael Jackson returned home after rehearsal, he met his fans in front of his house. Despite working for a long time, he made time to greet fans in front of his house.


But Michael Jackson complained of fatigue and insomnia after entering the house. This was the beginning of all problems.


June 25, 2009 morning


Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s doctor, gave him a series of drugs to help the famous artist sleep in the early hours. Afterwards, concerns escalated when Michael did not leave his room.


25 June 2009 afternoon


Murray was unresponsive when he found Michael Jackson, and he was not breathing, Murray claimed his pulse was weak when he found it. Although Murray’s explanations questioned his CPR technique and the fact that he chose to do it on a soft bed instead of a hard surface, Jackson ⁇ tried to help.


In addition, Murray’s failure to call for help quickly caused many question marks in the mind. There was no fixed phone in the house, and Murray said he didn’t know the address of the house well enough to call medics from his cell phone. Eventually Michael Jackson called security paramedics on his property, but there was a 30-minute interval between the moment Murray found Michael Jackson and the search for paramedics.


Paramedics gave heart massage for 42 minutes before taking Jackson to the hospital. Health officials tried to bring Michael Jackson back to life, but he died more than an hour later. Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009, at 14.26’, at the Ronald Reagan UCLA medical center


Autopsy and investigation


The Los Angeles County coroner determined that Jackson’s death was a murder as a result of combined drug poisoning. The toxicology report suggested that the most important drug found was propofol, an anesthetic associated with cardiac arrest. However, lidocaine, ephedrine and lorazepam were also found in Jackson’s system.


After Jackson’s death, police found various drugs in his home, including some of the drugs taken under false names. Jackson’s finding that he died of an overdose of propofol led to Conrad Murray being accused of killing unintentional men on February 8, 2010’. The doctor was sentenced to four years in prison for his role in Jackson’s death. However, he was released as a result of good health and his license to practice medicine in California was suspended.


Is Michael Jackson dead


Fans of the famous artist and people who looked at his death with suspicion think Michael Jackson is not dead. So much so that these suspicions of people led to the emergence of various theories from the day Michael Jackson died.


When an ambulance arrives at the hospital to take him to the hospital on the day Michael Jackson died, images of the famous artist walking out of the ambulance and people who were suspected of not being upset by their relatives at Jackson’s funeral it stands out as some of the events. In addition, various theories have been put forward about Michael Jackson’s life over the years and continue to be discarded. This makes many people wonder if Michael Jackson is dead. While there are many theories that Michael Jackson lived, none of them have been proven.


A lot of people think that former tennis player Sergio Cortes, is actually Michael Jackson


Sergio Cortes is a former professional tennis player from Chile. Cortes is very similar to Michael Jackson in physical terms, so he often comes up. Fans of the King of Pop and those who do not believe he is dead believe that Sergio Cortes is actually Michael Jackson. Many people on social media even asked for DNA testing, noting the similarity between Sergio Cortes and Michael Jackson. Cortes, on the other hand, enjoys this intense interest.


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