The effect of lack of drinking water on the body.

A new scientific study has shown that not drinking water in sufficient quantities leads to serious harm to the body, as water represents a part A large amount of muscle weight is involved in building the cell and in the chemical reactions that take place inside it. Researchers say that the more…


The amount of water lost from the body has increased, the brain has become more weak and weak, and a person may fall to the ground due to the brain’s inability to…


Maintaining the body. When water is not consumed in sufficient quantities daily, the cells withdraw it from the blood, causing an obstruction in the blood


The movement of blood becomes more viscous. The study also confirmed that “water plays an important role in losing weight and protecting humans.”


diseases, especially malignant ones.” Dr. Susan Kleiner, an American nutritionist, says, “Water helps…


Getting rid of toxins and resisting hunger, as well as its role in maintaining joint flexibility and preventing the formation of stones


Painful kidneys.” Drinking a large glass of water can also calm the nerves immediately when exposed to emotional shock


Or excessive stress, as stress takes away water from the body, which creates a feeling of dry mouth. Kleiner pointed out


Water may also help prevent certain cancerous tumors, such as breast, colon, prostate, and kidney cancers.


Therefore, it is recommended to drink one and a half liters of water daily and avoid excessive amounts of water


Soft drinks because they contain salts that encourage the body to store water.

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