What changes happen to a person when he loves

When we feel love or when we start a new love story?   Dr. Muhammad Al-Hadidi, Professor of Psychiatry at the Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University, answers us in this question, saying: Some psychologists assert that love greatly affects human health, as there are many changes that occur inside the body, without us noticing them, but all that can be […]

What autumn depression and its causes?

Autumn depression, or seasonal depression, is the tendency for some people to feel anxious and moody during the fall months, unlike other depressive feelings that often do not have a clear external trigger or specific time when they occur. Some may think that the reasons for feeling this type of depression may be a state of tension looming in relation […]

For the bride: discover the health benefits of marriage.

For the bride: discover the health benefits of marriage. The institution of marriage provides the individual with a stable life, if it is successful, of course, and protects him from exposure to serious diseases. According to a large cohort study in Asia, married people have a lower risk of dying from chronic diseases, compared to people who are divorced or […]

The importance of using daily pads

Sanitary napkins are thinner and smaller than regular sanitary pads used during menstruation. These pads are attached to underwear with a sticky adhesive to help keep them in place, and are very thin. He states that these pads are made of a soft and absorbent material to help keep you feeling dry and clean.     These pads are used […]

Things that end love between spouses

Married life may begin very happily, but after the development of the relationship, you may find your husband treats you as if you do not exist, and this may be the beginning of the end. Love between spouses, even if it is an innate feeling between male and female known to people, it is difficult to determine what it is, […]

6 sleep oils that help you sleep better and faster

6 sleep oils that help you sleep better and faster   Content:   Sleeping oils that you can use to sleep deeply and treat insomnia and fatigue If you suffer from insomnia or other sleep difficulties, essential oils such as lavender oil may provide some relief. Although scientists have not yet determined how or why aromatherapy can help alleviate sleep […]

Magical energy drink for couples

To ensure the success of the intimate relationship and its continuation for a long time without feeling tired and exhausted daily, you must prepare a magical energy drink for couples.   There are, dear, some drinks that you can prepare and eat before intimacy, which greatly enhance the desire for both parties, and the most important of these drinks are: […]