5 things you need to know about botox injections

When it is said that aging is no longer an obsession for women thanks to scientific and technological progress that restores the face The skin is rejuvenated by means of a cosmetic scalpel, botox injections and other means. There is definitely no exaggeration. Today, we are in a time of permanent youth that does not wither or age, and a […]

Do not press OK .. Warning for iPhone users!

iPhone users received an urgent warning that had spread widely through a video clip on the Tik Tok application, warning them not to automatically click on notifications that come from unknown third parties.   According to a report published by the British newspaper “The Sun”, Jamie Neiland, who has a follower of more than 23 million, had published a video […]

How to protect your phone from hacking?

Many people are exposed to hacking their phones, through the presence of applications on the phone that allow the hacker to eavesdrop on the hacked phone and follow the movements of its owner and the shopping operations he makes, to obtain the secret numbers of bank cards, or to enter the phone’s “gallery” and steal private photos and videos. Electronic […]

Everything you need to know about Apple’s virtual reality glasses

Tom’s Guide has published a report about Apple developing smart augmented reality glasses. However, these glasses are still largely mysterious due to the lack of leaks and reliable news related to them, and it is expected that these glasses will not arrive before at least two years, and the company will most likely launch the augmented virtual reality device before […]

How to extract photos from your broken smartphone?

The smartphone  is a store of data , personal photos and wonderful memories in the lives of users, so they put what they have of photos, videos  and important files on the internal or other supported external memory, but what if your smartphone is broken? It is really difficult for many users to extract important photos or files from the phone. […]

5 ways to download YouTube videos without software

Many Internet users are sometimes confused about how to download YouTube videos that they want to keep, whether on their smartphones  or on their computers, whether desktop or laptop, and the user usually enters the cycle of using programs that most of them are not free, and some of them are free, but ads bother you It makes loading a […]