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Talk to yourself on WhatsApp

The WhatsApp instant messaging application has launched a new feature that allows users to create a series of private conversations with themselves within the application itself.


As “WhatsApp”, after launching the feature of sending a WhatsApp message without saving the number, introduced the “message yourself” service, where you can send messages to yourself in addition to storing notes, media and personal files.


Message yourself!


And the curators of the application turned this feature into a place to keep things, such as reminders, notes, links, audio clips, photos and videos, or even for a private conversation.


Message yourself!


This feature uses the same end-to-end encryption that regular WhatsApp chats use, allowing users to use it securely.


Search by date


On the other hand, the WhatsApp application introduced another feature, which is the date-based search for messages in the chat. Thus, the user can click on the word “Search” from the list of contact or group information, then click on “Calendar” to access a chat or topic related to a specific date.


And the “WhatsApp” application is still the most famous and most used in the world, with users increasing on a daily basis, especially with all the updates that it is launching in order to make the activists as comfortable as possible and facilitate their lives, and perhaps the most prominent of them was deleting the “WhatsApp” message before reading it! As well as securing the privacy of conversation and messaging to the fullest extent.



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