Health benefits and harms of sushi

Health benefits and harms of sushi In recent years, Japanese food has been able to invade Arab countries, especially sushi in all its forms.. While rumors abound about the benefits and harms of real sushi; If you are a sushi lover, learn about the most important benefits of sushi and its health harms through my website.   Health benefits and […]

Easy dessert with chocolate and banana

My site offers you a step-by-step way to make an easy dessert with delicious chocolate and bananas. This dessert is everyone’s favorite, and its preparation is easy and simple and does not require many ingredients   Modus operandi of easy dessert with chocolate and banana ingredients   2 cups grated chocolate or Hershey’s Half a cup of caramel 4 cups […]

Potatoes and Carrots Light Tray

Potatoes and Carrots Light Tray is one of the wonderful and delicious dishes that you can cook in the oven to get a different taste on the one hand and to control the fatty substance needed for cooking to enjoy the delicious taste of potatoes in the oven on the other hand.   How to make a tray of potatoes […]

Roasted Veggie Cast-Iron Pizza

YIELDS: 4 – 6 serving(s)   PREP TIME: 45 mins   TOTAL TIME: 1 hr   Ingredients   1   medium eggplant, cut into 1/4-inch-thick rounds   6   stalks asparagus, trimmed and cut into 1 1/2-inch pieces   2 tbsp.   extra-virgin olive oil   1/2 tsp.   kosher salt, plus more to taste   1/4 tsp.   black pepper, plus more to taste   1/4 c.   garlic-infused […]

Lemon Chicken-Orzo Soup

Ingredients   3 tbsp.   olive oil   4   medium carrots, thinly sliced   3   celery stalks, cut into small pieces   2   leeks, halved lengthwise and sliced into half moons (white and light green parts only)   1/4 tsp.   kosher salt, plus more to taste   1 tbsp.   fresh thyme, chopped   4   wide strips lemon zest, plus […]

Crock-Pot Breakfast Casserole

Ingredients   1   30-oz. package of frozen, shredded hash browns   1 1/2 lb.   chorizo sausage (fresh mexican sausage)   12   eggs   1 c.   half and half   1/2 c.   sour cream   1 1/2 tsp.   kosher salt   1 tsp.   black pepper   1/2 c.   chopped red onion   1   red bell pepper, chopped   1   […]

The perfect way to peel garlic..according to chefs

Whether you’re cooking shrimp, a delicious chicken stew, or making a lemon salad dressing with herbs, adding garlic to it makes every dish more delicious, except that it has many potential health benefits as well, but the only problem is the way to peel the garlic.   And it’s not just that removing every single piece of garlic is tedious […]

Canned tuna.. Know its nutritional benefits and harms

Many prefer to eat canned tuna regularly, as a good source of nutrition, as well as containing useful proteins. The flavors of tuna vary between made with olive oil and water, in addition to the ability to store it for long periods.   However, the Healthline website raises questions about the nutritional content of canned tuna, its health benefits, and […]

Make “apple toffee”… in just 20 minutes

“Apple Toffee” is a favorite dessert of all children, and its shape attracts them in particular, and it spreads in most countries of the world, and most of us may have tried its taste in childhood.   Perfect for fall and sleepless nights, apple toffee is perfect for you, and you might really want to make it, but have no […]