Hair Strengthening Garlic-Milk Mask  

Hair Strengthening Garlic-Milk Mask       Materials:   5 Cloves of Garlic   1 Tea Glass of Milk   Preparation and application:   Peel the garlic and crush it in a mortar.   Put the garlic and milk in a coffee pot and boil for 1-2 minutes.   Wait for the mixture to cool.   While the mixture is […]

natural keratin transforms hair into silky strands

Since half of a woman’s beauty is her hair, every woman must take care of it and take care of it to the fullest, and that does not only lie in washing it, but even in adopting a set of nourishing things such as recipes that contribute greatly to its protection and shine.   the ingredients   half cup of […]

For naturally silky smooth hair

Since soft hair is one of the advantages of women’s beauty, we offer, ladies, this wonderful recipe that gives you smooth hair like silk, and gets rid of frizzy and dry hair, and also keeps you away from going to hairdressing salons every week, especially since it is a proven and guaranteed recipe.   Madam, mix a sufficient amount of […]

Natural keratin is powerful in softening hair

For everyone who wants silky, smooth and strong hair, here is the solution in this natural recipe that gives results from the first time without the need for chemicals, and it is one of the most wonderful recipes that give perfect results.   the ingredients   Adequate amount of butter mashed banana 3 tablespoons of coconut oil   How to […]

Effective steps to treat hair loss

Did my lady follow a diet that led to hair loss? Do you use chemical drugs to treat hair loss? Replace all chemical solutions with natural ones by following these tips. 1- Massage your scalp using egg yolk, as it is very effective in eliminating hair loss. Leave it for 60 minutes and you will notice that your hair looked […]

Causes of hair growth and how to treat it

Causes of hair growth and how to treat it   Does your hair seem to not grow? If there are no health reasons that impede it from growing, then you should expose the bad habits that you follow towards your hair and impede its growth and begin to follow a new system that helps your hair to grow. By educating […]