A sudden change in the upcoming Samsung devices


A sudden change may occur in the upcoming “Samsung” devices, in news that concerns fans of cellular and electronic devices, especially with the cessation of using the “Google” engine.


The New York Times revealed the possibility that Microsoft’s Bing search engine could replace Google as the default search service on Samsung devices.


This change will cost billions


The newspaper pointed out that this switch from “Samsung” would cost nearly $ 3 billion in annual revenue to Google.


Possibility of the “Bing” search engine replacing “Google”


In addition, a report by “Bloomberg” revealed the threat of “Bing” to the dominance of “Google” search, especially in recent months, with the addition of “OpenAI” technology to provide “ChatGPT”-like responses to user inquiries.


For her part, Google spokeswoman Lara Levine said, “Google” is excited to bring new features powered by artificial intelligence to its search engine, and will share more details soon.

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