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What is AAPE technology and how to restore your youth - Care Beauty

What is AAPE technology and how to restore your youth

In the modern era, many techniques have emerged that help us obtain fresh, flawless skin, including: Stem cell extracts and plasma, and women and men are always confused about choosing the best of them, so “Madam” spoke.


With Dr. Reham Al-Shall, who holds a master’s degree in dermatology and venereology and a British diploma in laser and cosmetic surgery.


Dr. Reham says: Plasma is an abbreviation for platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and it is extracted from the patient’s own blood.


It is also broken down inside the body after injection, then it secretes growth factors that help renew cells, collagen, and blood vessels. As for stem cell extracts, “AAPE.”


It is the latest treatment method in the field of skin and hair. It is secreted from mother cells and has a permanent ability to replace damaged and large cells.


Depending on the age, depending on the place where it is placed, whether on the skin, on hereditary or non-hereditary circles, scars, traces of wounds, burns, and light wrinkles.


And also loss of freshness, or hair loss, alopecia, or hereditary baldness for men and women.


By increasing the number of healthy and strong follicles and increasing the number of hairs produced from each follicle.



Which is better, stem cells or plasma?

Extracting plasma from the blood (PRP) and injecting it is a long and painful process, and its results are related to the concentration of nutrients in the patient’s blood.


It is not useful in cases of anemia, and the percentage of it containing stem cells is very low, but “AAPE” is a ready-made extract of stem cell proteins.


It contains high concentrations of growth factors and cytokines that give the body the command to use growth factors and begin regenerating damaged and aging cells.


It renews and produces surrounding hair follicles, and contains vitamins that are beneficial for the skin and hair without drawing blood from the patient.


Therefore, its results are much better than plasma, mesotherapy, or both combined.


How many sessions does a patient need for stem cells?



Number of sessions: The patient usually needs 6-8 sessions, and the session takes place every two weeks within the clinic by distributing it


On the skin or scalp after lightening the skin pores with a Dermapen, Scarlett, or regular fractional device.

Are there side effects of stem cell therapy?

It has no side effects, and its results are not temporary, and do not end when treatment is stopped, but it is recommended to perform a session every 6 months if possible.

Is stem cell therapy safe for pregnant women?

Al-Shall says: These sessions are considered safe in cases of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

What else can be treated with stem cells?

Stem cells do not treat gray hair, but only delay its appearance. As for surgical scars and acne scars, the latest methods for treating them are:


Cutting the scars and fibrosis under the skin, then using the Fractional Radiofrequency “Scarlett”.


Which avoids the problems and disadvantages of the old fractional, and even gives better results, then the “AAPE” distribution, and it is also useful in treating inflamed pimples.