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Fight wrinkles in your thirties - Care Beauty

Fight wrinkles in your thirties

When every girl exceeds the age of thirty, she may think that age is starting to pass quickly, so she begins to worry and fear the appearance of signs of dryness and fine lines around the mouth and eyes.


Do not know that anxiety and stress will not prevent this inevitable matter, but there are some important tips that may help you delay the appearance of these signs and reduce them,


To enjoy high confidence and youthful skin throughout your important days, what are these tips? How effective is it in maintaining youthful skin?



Here are the details below:



1. Getting rid of acne: This period is the most appropriate to get rid of acne, so start by choosing skin products that contain benzoyl peroxide.


Which works to kill acne-causing bacteria.



2. Use sunscreen: Sunscreen is the strongest line of defense against wrinkles and dark spots, which occur as a result of exposure to sunlight.


Therefore, you must choose the appropriate sunscreen for your skin and use it on a daily basis, and do not forget to use it even if you are at home.


The heat of the oven while you prepare food may also harm your skin.


3. Exfoliate the skin: Make sure to exfoliate your skin weekly, as exfoliation is one of the important things that rejuvenates your skin.


It protects against the appearance of acne, and also increases the freshness of the skin.



4. Moisturizing the skin: If you like to have fresh and constantly moisturized skin,


You should always moisturize it with moisturizers that are free of alcohol or perfumes.


5. Taking care of the eyes: One of the first places where fine lines appear is the eye area.


Always take care of it by removing eye makeup well before bed and applying eye crea

m daily to soothe it before bed.