Discovery of a new virus that lives in the human intestines

Discovery of a new virus that lives in the human intestines


A study published in the journal Nature Communications stated that a team of researchers discovered the presence of a previously unknown virus living in the human intestine.


The international research team discovered the “CrAssphage” virus while examining the genetic material found in some intestinal samples.


Scientists say that the new virus would affect the behavior of some of the most common types of bacteria in the human intestine.


Specialists said that these types of viruses, known as bacterial viruses, have been proven to play a role in chronic diseases


The scientists, led by a team of researchers from San Diego State University in the United States, studied the genetic information recorded in three major international databases. They found a piece of DNA, approximately 100,000 letters long, present in more than half of the samples taken from the human intestine. .


According to the BBC, while searching for the identity of this virus in international records, researchers realized that it had not been described before.


Robert Edwards, the lead researcher in this team, said, “It is not surprising that a search for new viruses is underway and one of them is found.”


He added, “However, it is unusual to find a virus that is so widespread among people, and it is very surprising that it has been there for so long without anyone noticing.” Researchers say that the new virus carries the genetic fingerprint of bacterial viruses, which are a type of virus that infects bacteria.


According to the research team, the new virus infects the most common types of bacteria in our intestines

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