Learn about 3 Macs that may be announced at Apple’s conference

Millions around the world are waiting for the WWDC 2022 conference, which is scheduled to be held on June 6, and the talk begins with the usual annual keynote focused on Apple developers, and with the approach of the event, expectations abound about what the company will announce, which are some announcements for the macOS system, and it is also expected that Some new Macs.
According to a recent report published by Digitartlends, the giant American company did not announce or even hint at any new Mac devices expected at the upcoming exhibition, but there are some leaks and rumors that were launched months ago indicating the possibility of two Macs at the expected event, they are announced during the speech Main.
In the following lines, we show you a list of the four Macs that we could see at WWDC, as well as one that we almost certainly won’t be able to see at the upcoming conference:

MacBook Air M2

The report expects that the MacBook Air M2 will be the closest to being present at the event, because the American company usually issues a new device every year, but the company did not announce one in 2021, and experts expect that the update that was scheduled for last year has been delayed due to the global shortage. In the chips, stressing that it may come in the new version with more design changes than performance improvements.
It is expected that the new MacBook Air M2 will appear in completely different colors to match the 24-inch device, and the keycaps in a round white.

Mac Pro with M1 Extreme

Technology experts believe that the current Mac Pro does not follow the pace of the annual update of other Mac devices, but the current model is still ready for the update, as the current version was launched in 2019, and it is still the only device that uses an Intel processor, with the exception of the iMac 27 inch.
Recent leaks say the M1 Extreme processor can be powered as this chip uses the same concept as the M1 Urtla, and the chip combines four M1 Max chips together instead of the two used in the M1 Urtla.

Mac Mac Mini 2

While some see that it is not necessary to update the Mac Mini in the expected event, there are expectations that Apple will launch the Mac Mini M2 at WWDC, and they see that it will not be a surprise as it was launched by the M1 Mac Mini and M1 MacBook Air along with Besides, the American company previously confirmed that the new Mac Mini will come soon

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