Court adjourns sentencing in the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard case to next Tuesday

After millions around the world and hundreds in front of the court lived long hours of waiting for the final verdict in the case of international actor Johnny Depp and star Amber Heard, the court decided to postpone the pronouncement of the verdict until next Tuesday, May 31, 2022 at nine in the morning.

Apparently, the case is not easy for the jury, and the long time they met for consultation was not enough to take a fair and decisive decision, and it is known that we are approaching the beginning of the weekend, so the verdict was postponed to next Tuesday, May 31, 2022.

And fixed camera lenses in front of the court entrance were able to spot the star Johnny Depp as he left the court minutes before the postponement was announced, while Amber Heard never appeared.

The decision to postpone the pronouncement of the verdict caused a sensation on social media, and a wave of anger, especially since the issue has been occupying public opinion greatly recently, and everyone has been waiting for this moment.


Johnny Depp’s attorney


Camille Vasquez, the lawyer for the star Johnny Depp, who has come to prominence a lot recently and some reports have mentioned that the two are romantically involved, submitted a court argument at today’s closing hearing.

Camille Vasquez began her speech by thanking the court for listening to them for 7 weeks, and then touched on the case starting with the first lawsuit filed by Amber Heard on May 27, 2017, and then moving on to the article she wrote two years later about the violence she was subjected to, without saying She remembers his name, confident that the world will remember the shape of her face that she photographed two years ago and fabricated many charges for him.

Vasquez said Amber did not expect Johnny Depp to appear in front of the entire world to say that he was subjected to violence, and suffered so much.

The lawyer showed several audio recordings showing how Amber was talking to Johnny about her abuse, and how she was laughing and telling him, “Don’t act like a child.”

She also explained how the psychiatrist diagnosed Amber that she suffers from mental illness, as if she lives with more than one character, and that she looks like a nice lady, but also turns violent.

Camille also pointed out that Amber’s friend and her special assistant confirmed that she was a nervous character and had previously abused them.

The lawyer spoke, after showing several documented recordings, how Amber was abusing Johnny, and then sought to talk to him and get him back, and refused to withdraw when the situation became tense, but insisted that he stay to complete the quarrel and also prevent him from abandoning her.

With regard to the subject of his violence against him, the lawyer referred to the testimonies of the doctors and nurses who attended to treat his finger, and denied that they had seen any signs that prove that Amber was subjected to violence.

She also proved with pictures that the dates given by Amber of being subjected to violence, were posting pictures of her when she was in her best condition.

It also presented several records from the court contradicting Amber’s confessions 6 years ago, especially as she had previously confirmed that the first year for them was perfect, while she confirmed in the current court that the violence began since the honeymoon.

Regarding donating the money she got from Johnny Depp, and Amber justified that Johnny did not leave her enough time to donate, the lawyer stated that Amber had more than 13 months to donate before the trials began.


She concluded her speech after showing many pictures and recordings by saying that Johnny Depp has many pictures and recordings of her voice, in addition to medical reports, while she only has some pictures that have been proven to be modified.

Therefore, the matter now is not for the court to believe Amber Heard or Johnny Depp, but the reality is that either Amber Heard or Johnny Depp must be believed and more than 20 witnesses to his statements, all of whom are named.

Camille Vasquez left the conversation after that to her colleague, before moving to the Amber Heard team, and then to the jury, which, after several hours of consultation, announced the postponement of the verdict in the case until next Tuesday.

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