Salt, turmeric and lemon.. your way to get rid of back acne

A number of factors help the appearance of red pimples, especially in the back area, which gives a very annoying and embarrassing shape to girls who are about to get married. The beauty expert, Hind Muhammad, offers ways to identify the causes of the appearance of these pills and work to reduce their appearance and treat some cases of them.



She says: There are a number of reasons that lead to the appearance of pimples or pimples on the back, the first of which is that women with oily skin by nature, suffer more than others from this problem due to bacteria and toxins in the body on the skin, and the presence of some hormonal changes in the body, and the occurrence of some counter reactions from the body as a result of taking certain medications.



Pimples may appear on the back of girls as a result of the nervous tension that they experience before the wedding date, and as a result of the pressures they live in in general, and the use of some body creams that have a greasy composition, in addition to the fact that soothing medications in general cause the appearance of pimples on the skin.



She adds that the diet plays its role in the appearance of pimples on the back, such as spicy, salty and fatty foods, as it helps the emergence of these pimples in abundance.



To reduce the appearance of such pills, the skin should be washed immediately after sweating, care should be taken to maintain constant skin hygiene, wear cotton and comfortable clothes, and make ways to ventilate the back and be careful not to sweat.



One of the most important recipes that help avoid the appearance of such pills, we mix a little salt with two tablespoons of sweet almond oil and a little turmeric, add a teaspoon of lemon essential oil, and massage the place of pimples during the shower and then wash it with water.


Hind points out that using specialized clay masks for oily skin has a wonderful effect, and some cases may require taking antibiotics on the advice of a doctor.


And if the bride suffers from the effects of grains, she must peel the skin to get rid of the scars at the dermatologist who chooses which type of peeling is appropriate to the nature of the effects. The bride can also use some types of body concealer to hide the visible pimples or their effects on the day of the ceremony.

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