Robots contribute to doing housework soon.. find out the details

A recent report conveyed data revealed by a global technology company based in Singapore, that it is currently working on developing a group of future robots, but in secret, stressing that it has designed robots in order to carry out a variety of different household chores, which is expected to help everyone in near future.

And the British Daily Mail newspaper published in the report a set of tasks that the awaited robots, which are currently in development, can provide from home work that provides more convenience for users in the future.

The expected robots can handle the tasks of arranging children’s toys, in addition to cleaning dishes as well, according to the brief glimpse revealed by the company through the new robotic models at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Philadelphia.

For his part, Jake Dyson, chief engineer at the global company, said in statements to the Daily Mail, that he expects a great future in the field of robotics, which will save people time, in addition to performing more household chores, and improving daily life around humans.

“I’m a boy but I’ve spent half my entire life cleaning up after my kids, and that’s really hard work,” Dyson said.

The waiting robots will probably be equipped with some way to wash dishes and pick up toys for children, as well as the ability to find lost coins or potato chips scattered in the room and under the sofa cushions.

The aforementioned company is developing more new robots, while it employs more than 250 robotic engineers, while it has previously announced expectations to hire 700 others in the next five years.

The Singapore-based company has been working on the development of ground-based car robots for more than 20 years, and is now conducting more research into more advanced robotics that no one knows about yet, but it has released a glimpse of these ambitious plans for the upcoming robots being launched. Currently working on it at Halvington Airport in Wiltshire.

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