6 tips to rest your eyes

6 tips to rest your eyes


Place compresses of frozen cucumber slices over your eyelids for about ten minutes Are your eyes tired and dark circles appearing? Do you eat healthy foods during the holy month of Ramadan?


During the month of fasting, your eyes are exposed to many factors that cause them to wilt, become tired, and swell around them due to staying up until suhoor time and watching Ramadan series, in addition to abstaining from food all day.


Here are the most important tips to rest your eyes during the holy month of Ramadan and maintain their freshness and shine:

1- My dear, in order to have brighter and healthier eyes, make sure to enrich your breakfast and suhoor with various dishes of vegetables, fruits and milk.


2- Eat a plate of varied vegetable salad (fatoush) for breakfast and a meal of fruit at suhoor (bananas and oranges, for example, or apples and oranges).


3- Focus your breakfast on foods rich in vitamin A, which the eyes need. This vitamin is found in abundance in carrots, spinach, and others. Also, focus on the vitamin B group found in legumes and red meat.


4- Place compresses of frozen cucumber slices over your eyelids for about ten minutes to relieve them from the trouble of staying up late and tired, and to remove puffiness and darkening.


5- Use cold chamomile tea or black tea compresses over your eyelids for about ten minutes. This will refresh the area around the eyes.


6- Drink water intermittently after two and a half hours of breakfast, because water provides us with moisture and refreshment, helps the body drain accumulated toxins, and improves the functioning of the kidneys, which reflects health and brightness in the look of the eyes.

Effective solutions to stop hair loss and alopecia

Geranium oil can promote hair growth by promoting better blood circulation

Your hair is like the crown of your glory, so, obviously, when it starts falling out, we all feel upset and in pain, and baldness is a common problem that many men as well as some women face.


No wonder the market is full of products that promise to stop your hair loss. Most of these products are expensive but when it comes to their hair, most people would think nothing of it at all. Unfortunately, most of these products offer empty hope. After using a few products, you may feel…with disappointment.


According to Helwa website, there is a magical and effective solution to solve hair loss problems: vegetable gel


According to them, there are a range of natural treatments that can treat different forms of hair loss. One such treatment is garilla extract, a gel extracted from two plants, coffee arabica and laria divaricata extract. Garilla gel is effective in stopping hair loss caused by alopecia.


Experts say that the gel was used in Argentina to regrow eyelashes and eyebrows, and its effectiveness has been successfully proven in people suffering from hereditary baldness and alopecia areata.


About the study

Androgenetic alopecia and patchy baldness are common disorders of hair follicles. According to a review in the journal Drag, androgenetic alopecia is caused by increased sensitivity of scalp follicles to testosterone (a hormone that arises from male characteristics).


The researchers in this Argentine study saw that application of gerilla extract resulted in a 20 percent increase in eyelashes in 80 percent of women, and a 19.44 percent increase in eyelashes in 100 percent of women. They say this product may work by converting the telogen growth phase to the anagen phase, as this process has been proven in mice. The telogen and anagen phase, along with the kagen phase, constitute the three stages of hair growth. They also added that the extracts have antioxidant properties. Since hair loss may be exacerbated by oxidative stress, these extracts can greatly help stop hair loss and grow new hair.


Other ways to treat hair loss

There are many ways in which you can treat hair loss naturally. If you suffer from alopecia areata, you need to consult a doctor. But at the same time, you can also try these natural remedies, you have nothing to lose, they can help you stop hair loss.


1- Onion juice, aloe vera gel, fish oil and lemon are some of the ingredients that you can put on your hair to stop hair loss, but you have to do it regularly.


Side effects resulting from eating onions

2- Geranium oil can also promote hair growth by promoting better blood circulation.


3- You can also use rosemary oil because it promotes hair growth and reduces hair loss. This oil also stimulates new hair growth and can effectively treat hereditary baldness. Just mix a few drops of rosemary oil in a carrier oil (also known as base oil or vegetable oil, to dilute essential oils) and massage it into your scalp and leave it for an hour.


4- Coconut oil is another hair loss treatment, which contains properties that can prevent hair loss.


Portal Doctor: Do you suffer from hair loss and weakness?

The correct way to use hair conditioner

Hair dyes suitable for wheatish skin

Skin color plays an important role in determining the appropriate hair dye color, and wheat skin is one of the distinctive shades for many girls, and it is the middle shade between those with light skin and dark skin.


Therefore, we will help you choose the latest hair dyes for wheatish skin so that you can keep up with the latest fashion trends this summer.


Brown hair dye

One of the best shades of brown suitable for wheatish skin is dark brown. If the skin tone is cool, a mahogany brown shade should be chosen. However, if the skin tone is warm, a grayish brown shade should be chosen.


Red hair dye

One of the colors that suits wheat skin most is brownish or copper red, and mahogany red is suitable for wheat skin.


Gray blonde hair dye

One of the bold colors that strongly suits wheat skin, makes it appear modern and gorgeous, and highlights its beauty, especially since this shade greatly highlights the color of the eyes.


Dark black hair dye

One of the most beautiful and best colors for wheat skin, especially since dark colors lighten the skin tone, highlight it, and give it radiance and beauty. Black color also highlights the beauty of the eyes, especially when applying makeup appropriate to the hair and skin color, which increases the charming look.


Dark blonde hair dye

The best way to adopt blonde dye is to adopt dark blonde dye, which is one of the most beautiful shades of blonde for those with wheat skin. It is recommended to avoid light blonde as it does not suit wheat skin and is harmful to the health of the hair.


Burgundy red dye

Burgundy red is a distinctive color with wheat skin, as it adds charm and appeal to your look. Applying this color gives you a strong personality, boldness, and a modern look

The Most Natural Homemade Acne Mask Recipes

We have put together five easy and natural home acne mask recipes for you to lighten the appearance of blemishes on your skin.


Acne and acne scars among the issues that many of us are looking for solutions to. How to cover this problem with “Civilian makeup?You don’t need to search for ”. Homemade acne masks prepared with natural ingredients are one of the practical ways to alleviate the appearance of skin imperfections. So, with what ingredients can a acne mask be prepared at home? In this article, we have put together the best homemade acne masks. Let’s start reviewing!


Editor’s Recommendation: First of all, we would like to point out that if you have a pimpled face and cannot get rid of it no matter what you do, you should definitely see a dermatologist to treat acne. There is also no mask that has the effect of instantly relieving your acne by acting as a magic wand, and will give you smooth skin within 1 minute. So the solution that will save you is regular use again!


Natural acne masks made at home can cause reactions and allergies on the skin when applied uncontrollably, and can also cause the formation of different skin defects. Therefore, no home mask recipe on this page has the feature of treatment. We recommend that you use a acne cream that has been scientifically proven effective, recommended by dermatologists and specially formulated for the skin. Now that we have made our warning, we can start listing natural acne masks made at home!


1. Acne Mask at Home: Lemon Mask Recipe

The most popular option among mask recipes for acne lemon mask recipe at home we can say. Inside the lemon salicylic acid this mask, which is thought to work on acne thanks to it, can cause a skin reaction when applied uncontrollably. For your information!




1 tablespoon lemon juice


1 tablespoon of honey


1 tablespoon of yoghurt




After mixing these ingredients with each other, you can apply them to your skin with the help of a brush. If you want, you can apply them locally on acne and wait. You can clean the mask after keeping it on your skin for about 15 minutes. Lemon mask for acne is usually repeated once a week by those who apply it.


2. Home Egg White Mask Recipe for Pimples

Another of the most popular among homemade acne masks egg white mask. Egg white mask, which is frequently preferred in skin care, is thought to be good for acne. Egg white mask is also used at home to give the skin a smoother appearance.




1 egg white


1 teaspoon of lemon




After mixing these two ingredients, you can apply them to your skin. You can also add a teaspoon of honey if desired. After waiting for about 15-20 minutes, you can rinse your face. You can apply this mask once or twice a week.


3. Mask for Acne Scars: Home Yogurt Mask Recipe


Homemade acne and blackhead mask it is one of the frequently applied recipes yogurt mask. The reason why it is frequently preferred to make a yoghurt mask at home is that yoghurt is thought to have a cleansing effect on the skin and drying acne. Cucumber is preferred with its refreshing and nourishing effect. In addition, its practicality is an important factor in choosing masks made at home.




2 tablespoons of yoghurt


1 cucumber




You can chop the cucumber into small pieces and put it in the blender with the yoghurt and mix it until it reaches a mask consistency. You can also do the same process by grating the cucumber. Then you can apply this mixture to your skin without a very thick layer. You can rinse your face after waiting for it to dry for about 20 minutes.


4. Home Turmeric Mask Recipe for Pimples

It is thought that the foods you can use to make masks for acne at home may also have an effect on acne scars. Therefore, acne on the skin and acne scars as a natural acne mask recipe for turmeric mask it is also frequently preferred.


We recommend that you be very careful when applying turmeric from herbalists to your skin and use a small amount, otherwise you may cause a reaction on your skin. In fact, “How to get rid of acne rash?You should look for the answer to the ” question in your dermatologist’s office rather than quotations. Never forget this!




1 teaspoon of turmeric


2 tablespoons of yoghurt


1 teaspoon of honey




After mixing the ingredients with each other, you can apply it to your face. After waiting for the mask to dry for 15-20 minutes, you can rinse your skin. If you experience a stinging and itching sensation on your skin shortly after applying the mask, we recommend that you wash the mask without waiting.


5. Natural Acne Mask: Carbonate Mask Recipe at Home

If you have a spotty face, “What is good for acne at home?you must have done a lot of research like ”. You must have noticed that, baking soda skin mask at home it is one of the most frequently preferred materials in its production. It is said that the baking soda mask, which can be used for purposes such as lightening the skin and equalizing the skin tone, also does a very good job for acne.




1 teaspoon of baking soda






You should mix baking soda and water until it reaches the consistency of a mask. You can then apply it to your skin in a thin layer and clean it after waiting for about 10 minutes. Baking soda can be used to make a acne mask at home and is also preferred for skin blemishe





To increase hair shine

There are facts regarding poetry that we must accept and deal with objectively One of the most important reasons for hair loss of shine is lack of hydration or lack of natural moisture in the hair.


Therefore, it becomes necessary to pay attention to nourishing and moisturizing the hair just as we care about nourishing and moisturizing the skin


Also, excessive use of the electric dryer at high temperatures will make the hair thirsty, so try to reduce the temperature of the dryer as much as possible.


Try holding your hair with your palms after drying to stimulate it to secrete natural fats that give it shine


If you have curly hair, avoid using the dryer completely because it will make your hair more rough and kill its shine. After you finish washing your hair with shampoo and using conditioners, put some cream on your hair to moisturize the hair and let it dry automatically.


Using a serum on the hair is a serum that makes the hair reflect light in a better way for you. Do not use it as a final touch after styling.


Do not use too much serum because it makes the hair more greasy.

To get attractive bronze skin

Bronzed skin makes you look more beautiful and attractive, especially in the summer To obtain it, follow these steps:


First, make sure to exfoliate your skin and clean it well.


Apply moisturizing cream to get rid of dead skin cells so that the bronze look becomes more stable and shiny.


Moisturizing cream also helps the bronze color last longer, about three days, and if you use a tanning cream and a spray, the color will last for an additional week.




When you apply the moisturizing cream, wait a full hour until the skin absorbs it completely, then start applying the tanning cream.


Choose a tanning cream that is a shade darker than your skin tone.


Put equal drops of it with the moisturizing cream on your fingers, and gently massage your face and neck.


Leave it on your face for a long time until it acquires the desired color. For a brighter look, apply a little bronze powder on your face to get a natural shine.


The best time to apply tanning cream is at night, but if you apply it during the day, you must wait 9 to 12 hours to get the best result.

How should hair care be after bathing?

You used shampoo, conditioner or hair mask during the bath. Well, does your care end here? Of course no! There are products you should apply to your hair after leaving the bathroom. In this way, you can easily get stronger, more vibrant and shiny hair every time. 🙂


Why is post-bath care important?


Since the hair is wet after bathing, it is necessary to treat the hair more gently. If the hair is dry and needs care, it is very important to support its care with products that are not rinsed. It is necessary to prepare the hair for styling processes, especially since styling is done after bathing.


Now, let’s move on to what you need to do!


1.Drying the hair with a towel


Wet hair is much more prone to breakage because it is sensitive. Therefore, instead of rubbing your hair hard with a towel, it is a better move to wrap your hair in a towel when you leave the bathroom and wait for the wetness to go away.

Editor’s recommendation: Our recommendation is to ensure that your hair is strong against breakage and grows healthy without breaking Elseve Dream Long Bye-Bye Scissors Hair Care Cream! We do not put down this non-rinsed care cream! 🙂 Since there is no need to rinse, we apply it to the ends and lengths of our wet or dry hair.


It nourishes and repairs the ends of your hair, makes them soft and shiny, and protects them against fractures. So you don’t have to cut your hair because of fractures. So what else can you get!


2. Must be kind


You can apply care cream to your wet hair that is not rinsed before combing so that your hair is not damaged by combing. To make combing easier, we get help from non-rinsed care creams. With a few touches, we ensure that our hair is soft and easy to comb.


Editor’s recommendation: You should be as gentle as possible when combing your hair after bathing. Otherwise, your hair may break and break. Here is the tips and lengths of your hair before combing to prevent this situation Elseve Complete Resistance Anti-Spill Strengthening Care Cream’Apply and start combing your hair with the help of a comb. When combing, do not forget to comb your hair slowly with gentle movements.


Elseve Complete Resistance Anti-Shedding Strengthening Care Cream contains Biotin, Arginine protein and vitamin B5. This powerful formula acts as a weight-free protective barrier and protects and strengthens your hair. Your hair will be easily combed and shaped, nourished and strengthened. What more! :



Prevent electricity


You can get help from non-rinse oil creams to prevent static electricity and hair strands from flying. Elseve Hair Beautifying Miraculous Oil Cream, by nourishing her hair, it helps it to be shiny, shiny and soft, while helping it take shape without frizzing.


This oil cream, which contains floral oils, can protect the hair up to 230 degrees. In other words, we can also protect it by applying it to our hair before straightening, curling iron and blow drying. All you have to do is apply it to the lengths and ends of your hair. After the application, your hair will look shiny and soft!


4.Hair styling


You dried your hair and now you want to style it to look cooler? It’s a fact that especially those with curly hair try hard to make their curls stand out! Then our suggestion to you is to get more prominent curls Elseve Miraculous Oil Amla Boucle Prominentizing Hair Care Cream.A.


Apply Elseve Miraculous Oil Amla Boucle Clarifying Hair Care Cream, which nourishes the hair and allows you to reach prominent curls for 48 hours, to the ends and lengths of your wet or dry hair and wait for your hair to dry. Here are the distinctive curls of your dreams! 🙂


How does bathing mean to you? Just ‘get in the bathroom, wash, go out and dry your hair’? When you follow the suggestions we gave you, your care continues after bathing and your hair will have a fuller and brighter appearance. 🙂






Home remedies that slow down aging

Home remedies that slow down aging:

1. Coconut oil



Coconut oil, which is naturally moisturizing, is a great addition to your skincare routine if you have fine lines. This means that when you apply it to your skin, it smoothes out the rough patches on your skin. Not only does coconut oil make your skin smoother, it also helps in retaining moisture. With moisture, giving the impression that your face is fuller, apply a little directly after cleansing and before bed.




2. Avocado



Avocado is an active ingredient in many anti-wrinkle creams. For people who suffer from premature wrinkles, this fruit is the only solution. It also reduces wrinkles and restores the health of your skin while stopping premature aging. Your skin will be radiant and healthy if you add this treatment to your routine. Mash and apply on the skin for 5-10 minutes, then rinse.




3. Aloe vera



Aloe vera gel is a high source of vitamin E, an antioxidant that improves the appearance of the skin and blends well with egg whites. The antioxidants in aloe vera and anti-inflammatory ingredients also help heal dull skin. After cleansing and before going to bed, apply some aloe vera gel.




4. Vaseline



The anti-aging effects of Vaseline for wrinkles are appreciated by many. Since it is an emollient agent, it keeps moisture locked in the skin. Although the exact process by which Vaseline reduces and prevents wrinkles is still unknown, there is no risk in trying this treatment as Vaseline is suitable for applying topically. Apply it after washing and before bed. Make sure you clean your skin properly.




5. Egg whites



Use egg whites as an alternative to anti-wrinkle products. With this simple home remedy, you may not worry about wrinkles and sagging skin. The natural skin tightening of egg whites reduces wrinkles and laugh lines. The egg whites in this treatment also help unclog the pores and remove excess sebum from the skin, which It makes it especially beneficial for those who have oily skin. Beat it and apply it on your face for 5 minutes and wash

it off. Moisture after washing.

Benefits of milk for the face

Benefits of milk for the face
Learn about the benefits of milk for the face and recipes for use in maintaining healthy skin, as follows:

cleaning the skin
Milk contains lactic acid, a form of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that is included in many skin care products, especially anti-aging products, as it helps remove dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of new cells.

But there is not enough evidence that milk helps clean the face better than soap and water.

To obtain an effective result in cleaning the skin using milk, the following can be done:

Add Indian lentils to the milk and put them in a blender to make a dough.
Place the mixture on the face for 10 minutes.
Scrub the face for 4 to 5 minutes then rinse.
Skin whitening
Milk is used in many skin-lightening treatments and dark spot treatment creams thanks to its lactic acid content.

There is not sufficient evidence about the effectiveness of milk or lactic acid in lightening the skin, but some ingredients can be added to it to increase its effectiveness in lightening the skin, as follows:

Mix 5 to 6 almonds with 5 to 6 dates, and soak the mixture in milk for an hour.
Mix the ingredients together in an electric blender.
Apply the mixture on the face and neck for 15 to 20 minutes.
Wet the face with water and rub the face with the mixture again for 2 to 3 minutes, then rinse the face well.
Acne Treatment
A deficiency of vitamin D in the body is linked to the appearance of acne. Because milk contains vitamin D, it may help relieve acne and reduce its appearance temporarily.

But you should be careful not to put milk on acne. Because it may cause clogged pores or irritate the acne-prone area in the long term.

Moisturizing the skin
The skin tends to lose moisture as a result of weather factors, and it is necessary to maintain moisture and protect the skin from dryness.

One of the benefits of milk for the face is that it can be used to moisturize the skin, after adding some other ingredients to it, such as: honey and rose water, as this mixture helps moisturize the skin.

Peeling skin
Milk may help exfoliate the skin because it contains lactic acid, which is a gentle exfoliant and helps improve cell turnover and remove dead skin.

Lactic acid is a form of alpha hydroxy acid, which is the same ingredient in chemical exfoliants. Alpha hydroxy acids work to reduce wrinkles and soften the skin in general without causing irritation.

To use milk to exfoliate the skin, soak a cotton ball in milk and wipe the face and neck with it.

Sunburn treatment
Applying cold milk to the face may help draw heat from the layers of the skin after prolonged exposure to the sun.

But there are no clinical studies that support the use of milk as a treatment for inflammation or sunburn, and the best thing is to protect the skin from sun damage by using sunscreen.

Unification of skin color
One of the benefits of milk for the face is that it can help unify skin tone, because it contains lactic acid. It also regulates the rate of secretion of tyrosine, which is the hormone that controls the secretion of melanin, which is responsible for skin color and causes darkening.

To obtain the best results, do the following:

Mix milk with a little lemon juice and rose water.
Apply the mixture on the skin for 15 minutes.
Rinse the face with plain water for dry skin and lukewarm water for oily skin.
Harmful effects of milk on the face
Despite the benefits of milk for the face, it may cause some side effects when used on the face topically. Some people may suffer from an allergy to milk, which may cause the following symptoms when used on the face:

Since milk intake is closely linked to acne, it may be recommended to avoid using milk on the face.

Benefits of B5 for the skin: Learn about them in detail

B5 is one of the important vitamins that is used to treat many skin-related health problems. Through the following article, we will show you the most prominent benefits of B5 for the skin:

Vitamin B5, also known as Pantothenic acid, is one of the most important vitamins necessary for blood formation and converting the food we eat into energy. It is also one of eight B vitamins that help convert protein, carbohydrates, and fats into energy.

Among the most important benefits of B5 for the skin are what will be mentioned in the following article:


What are the most important benefits of B5 for the skin?

The expected benefits of B5 for the skin are many, and among the most important and famous potential benefits of B5 for the skin are the following:


1. A natural skin moisturizer

Vitamin B keeps the face hydrated, as it helps stabilize the skin’s protective barrier function, which increases the amount of water the skin retains.


Also, using B5 serum helps absorb water into the skin, especially if you suffer from dry or rough skin.


2. Prevention of aging

Smoothing fine lines, soothing and softening the skin are among the most important benefits of B5 for the skin, through the contribution of this vitamin to the production of fibroblasts in the middle layer of the skin where wrinkles form, in addition to enhancing the production of collagen and elastin, which makes the skin appear more youthful.


3. Healing skin from chronic health conditions

Vitamin B5 helps enhance the healing process, due to its therapeutic and anti-inflammatory properties, thus contributing to the treatment of scars, wound healing, and recovery from skin diseases.


The most important conditions that this vitamin treats and prevents are:




Cystic acne.

Protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays and redness.

Reducing skin roughness or inflammation caused by sodium lauryl sulfate.

Control irritated skin and diaper rash.

Wound healing results from the strengthening and development of structural proteins such as collagen that the skin needs for healing.

How to use b5 on the skin

After mentioning the most important benefits of B5 for the skin, here is the method used to apply it to the skin:


Make sure you are not allergic to this vitamin by doing a test on a small part of the skin before applying it to the entire skin.

Ensure that the skin is clean, as it is recommended to wash the skin well and use toner in order to get rid of excess dirt as much as possible.

Use a lotion or cream that also contains panthenol.

Be sure to use vitamin B5 according to the instructions that accompany the product, as it varies from one product to another.

Are there food sources of vitamin B5?

You can also benefit from the benefits of B5 for the skin by following a healthy, balanced diet that includes sources of this vitamin, the most important of which are the following:




Whole wheat grains.








Dairy products