The 8 Best Beaches in Mexico

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of Mexico are its picture-perfect beaches. Mexico is bordered by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, so it is made up of landscapes as sumptuous as they are diverse! In this article, discover our selection of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, whether they are popular with tourists or are gems still unknown to vacationers. 

The best beaches in Mexico located in the Pacific Ocean

Mexico has more than ten thousand kilometers of coastline that promise you landscapes of incomparable beauty. The coast bordered by the Pacific Ocean is characterized by its big waves which are greatly appreciated by surfers and extreme sports enthusiasts.

The 2 most famous 

Acapulco a beautiful beach in mexico


Revolcadero Beach is undoubtedly the most popular of Acapulco’s beaches. Located just half an hour from Puerto Marqués and easily accessible from Acapulco International Airport, its location is one of its many attractions. 

This beach is also known because it allows vacationers to bask in the sun, indulge in water activities and enjoy a place of undeniable beauty. By spending the day in Revolcadero you can also enjoy the active life of the city of Acapulco. Coming out of a great day at the sea, tourists have access to a multitude of incredible restaurants, as well as bars and nightclubs. 

sublime beach of Mazunte in Mexico

The beaches of Mazunte

Mazunte beach has long been known for its trade in turtles and their eggs. The turtles having become protected species, the inhabitants take care of them and inform travelers on how to engage in the preservation of their habitat. 

The exceptional marine fauna and flora of Mazunte are an undeniable asset for diving enthusiasts. If you want to observe turtles, tropical fish and swim with dolphins, you can do it in Mazunte. 

The 2 most secret 


If you want to be far from mass tourism in a place where the seaside vegetation is lush, you can’t miss Yelapa! To get to this hidden bay, only accessible by sea, we recommend that you board a boat in Puerto Vallata  From this port, in 1 hour by boat you will have access to this hidden jewel of vacationers. 

This place composed of fine golden sand, turquoise blue waters and a dense forest of coconut palms will amaze you. This is the perfect place to take time for yourself! You can stroll there, relax on a deckchair or even put on your flippers and mask to observe the beautiful fish of the Pacific Ocean.

Marieta Islands, Playa del Amor

The secret beach of the Marieta Islands is also found off the coast of Puerto Vallarta. Known as Playa del Amor, which means Love Beach in French, it is one of the most surprising beaches in the world due to its unique appearance. It is hidden at the bottom of an open-air cave in an unusual setting. The originality of this beach will make you fall under its spell. 

Be careful, it is important to know that the beach of Love is not easily conquered! It is only accessible at low tide and you will have to swim through a cave before reaching it. Once you arrive there, you will not regret your efforts and your trip. 

Far from the beaten track and mass tourism, the beauty of this hidden beach and the generous fauna and flora that compose it will dazzle you!

The best beaches in Mexico located in the Atlantic Ocean

beautiful Atlantic coast Mexico

The coast bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, whether near the Caribbean Sea or in the Gulf of Mexico, is characterized by much calmer waves which gently caress the fine sand of the beaches. 

 The 2 most famous beaches 

Playa del Carmen 

On the coast of the Caribbean Sea, Playa del Carmen is a passage that you must impose on yourself in Mexico. It is extremely popular with tourists because it is home to the second largest coral reef in the world. Do not hesitate to snorkel and explore the seabed in the crystal blue water of the Caribbean Sea.  

So, what do you think of making a stopover in Playa del Carmen? There, you can practice your favorite water sports or relax in a beach club during the day. If you wish, you can also enjoy the nightlife in one of the liveliest streets in the center, Quinta Avenida.

Playa Delfines

Located in Cancun, Playa Delfines is one of the most beautiful beaches in Yucatan and the many hotel complexes allow vacationers to enjoy their facilities and access wonderful restaurants.

We recommend that you board a boat rental in Cancun the night before, so in the early morning you can go to La playa Delfines and swim among the dolphins who are often there at dawn. 

For those who like to walk along the beach or for running enthusiasts, Playa Delfines is the ideal place, as it gives you access to the 20 km of Cancun coast. If you have children, this beach is very well equipped with a playground that has swings. This beach will delight young and old!

The 2 jewels of the Atlantic coast still unknown 

sublime island of Holbox in Mexico

Isla Holbox 

Still on a catamaran or sailboat, head to Holbox, a marvelous island that has been well preserved. In this earthly paradise, cars are prohibited and the vegetation is lush! Far from the hustle and bustle of coastal towns and avoiding the waves of tourism, this place is perfect for relaxing, disconnecting and enjoying idleness.

We recommend that you take a walk on the island between the mangroves and the pink flamingos in order to discover the paradisiacal beaches of Holbox. 

Xcalak, Quintana Roo

Xcalak in Mexico

We reveal yet another nugget! Xclalak, located in the south of the state of Quintana Roo, is home to the last virgin beaches in the Mexican Caribbean. It is a small fishing village with only 375 inhabitants. This place has been preserved from globalization, urbanization and popular tourism. 

In Xcalak, everything revolves around water, if you are a diving enthusiast you will be in heaven! This place, very little frequented by tourists, is home to a sublime coral reef that can be admired in peace during a snorkeling session. The marine biodiversity of Xcalak will amaze you! We also recommend that you take a kayak ride in the middle of the mangroves and observe the birds that are there to reproduce. In addition, this place being preserved from overfishing, it is a privileged spot for those who like to practice sport fishing. 

Now that you know where the most beautiful beaches in Mexico are, you just need to have all the documents requested in this period of health crisis  to embark on the adventure.

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