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When the body digests food to turn it into materials important for the growth and health of the body and energy production, undigested materials remain, the rest of the food decomposition products, and accumulated materials that are in excess of the body’s need. With the presence of harmful substances in food, this problem multiplies. Sometimes the deposition of these toxins inside the body is the excessive intake of animal proteins and the increase in unprescribed medicines and herbs.

The healthy way is to ensure the safety of food intake and at the same time try to get rid of the accumulated toxins in an organized manner, in what is known as the detoxification method.

There are two phases to detoxing.

The first stage: There are enzymes called “catalysts” that help the body get rid of toxins by adding a nitrogen or oxygen atom to it, and this facilitates the work of the second stage.

The second stage: There is a group of enzymes called “secretors” that bind the chemical substance converted from the first stage and link it to a substance called glutathione, or what a colleague likes to call the body lion. toxins. This substance converts chemicals from insoluble substances into soluble substances that are easy to dispose of.

There are genes that control this and make some enzymes work effectively and some not work at full strength. Hence, two important and wondrous things intervene, the first is nutrition, and the other important thing is the person’s mental health condition, so the more they improve, the stronger the body’s defense systems. But let us take an example of a person who eats red meat more than his body needs, which is prevalent in Gulf society, especially among men. Barbecuing and cooking meat too much produces a toxic amino substance called HAA and a hydrocarbon substance called PAH. The effect of these two substances on health is especially bad when the meat is grilled too much or in the case of fish and smoked meat that contain a third toxic substance called nitrous amines. All these toxic substances are transformed into more complex substances through the body’s reactions. The natural vital processes in the body cannot tolerate these toxins and cannot get rid of them completely, especially if the person is addicted to eating smoked or grilled meat. Some vegetables come from the cruciferous family, such as cabbage, broccoli, as well as onions and garlic, to raise the ability of enzymes that rid the body of toxins and help push them out through urine, feces, and sweat as well. Moderation in eating and drinking, choosing healthy foods as much as possible, and practicing any physical activity – because some do not like the word athlete because it is associated with a specific dress or training place – are the best means for a healthy life. Understanding the appropriate way to deal with the circumstances of life makes the person better able to remedy its difficulties, enhance self-confidence, reassure the soul of its connection with its Creator, and enjoy true worship of Him, and here the circle of blissful life is completed.

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