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5 natural oils to restore fallen eyelashes - Care Beauty

5 natural oils to restore fallen eyelashes

Many women suffer from eyelashes falling out after they were long and thick

It causes them distress and the desire to restore the appearance of their long and thick eyelashes. Far

About the use of cosmetic and medical products that help restore eyelashes

Long and thick, you can use the natural oils offered to you by the Woman Magazine in this article to get eyes with long and more attractive eyelashes, so follow us!


Almond oil


Experiments have proven that almond oil is one of the oils that help restore lost hair and add a distinctive shine and extraordinary density. You can try almond oil to restore your eyelashes again and get


For brighter and more lustrous lashes.


olive oil


It is certain that olive oil is one of the oils available in all homes, without exception. Due to its multiple uses in kitchen and aesthetic matters, olive oil can be used to obtain





Long and wonderful eyelashes, by applying a piece of clean medical cotton with that distinctive oil and applying it to the eyelashes, taking care that the oil does not infiltrate the eyes, and some drops of


Onion juice, but be careful not to hurt your eyes.


Castor oil


Castor oil is characterized by quickly and effectively restoring lost hairs. You can use this distinctive oil to obtain thick eyelashes by using an old eyelash brush.


Combing the eyelashes with some drops of castor oil.


garlic oil


The most well-known vegetable oil for restoring lost hair. This is why garlic oil is one of the most important oils that are recommended in hair care clinics. You can use this oil with a brush.


Old eyelashes with some drops of that oil and pass it on the eyelashes. This can be done in the evening and before bed so that the smell of the oil does not embarrass you in front of others.


Sesame oil


Sesame oil is one of the oils that soften hair and increase its shine, so mix sesame oil with one of the aforementioned oils to benefit from its magical effect on eyelashes.