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5 proven and effective steps to get rid of blackheads

Many girls suffer from blackheads, which cause them to look unattractive

It bothers them, especially when those heads appear at the nose and forehead,

It causes impurity of the skin and the accumulation of fat in it. In this article, I present to you, Madam, the most important reasons for the appearance of these blackheads, and how to get rid of them permanently in 6 proven steps.


First: the reasons


Blackheads appear, especially on oily skin, as a result of the large number of oily secretions that cause pimples, and the lack of skin care, cleanliness, and neglect, and the makeup residues remaining on the skin.


Skin at night is also one of the most important reasons that cause pimples and blackheads to form.


Second: prevention


Do not forget to drink plenty of water daily, at least 8 glasses per day, especially in the morning and before going to bed.





Do not forget to rely on a daily routine to clean your skin according to its type.


Always use the protective cream to protect your skin from dust, makeup, etc., and do not forget to block the pores of your face by passing a piece of ice wrapped in a clean cloth on the skin.


After completing each mask or mask on your skin.


Allocate a special towel for the face, and do not wash your skin with any soap, but you must use the medical soap that is specific to your skin type.


Third: treatment


To start trying to reduce the appearance of blackheads, we emphasize the importance of the following home steps to permanently get rid of blackheads in an effective and safe way on your own at home without the need


To do external sessions in beauty centers.


1- Start by making a steam bath for your face by boiling a little water in a large, wide pot.


2- Prepare the mask to get rid of blackheads by mixing 3 teaspoons of starch with a little vinegar, until a homogeneous mixture forms a soft dough, or you can make


Another more effective mask by mixing 3 teaspoons of powdered gelatin with a little hot water until the gelatin dissolves and becomes a soft paste.


3- Put your face in front of the bowl and cover your hair with a towel so that the steam does not dry your hair, and relax for a few minutes with your eyes closed in front of the water vapor, then dry your face with clean cotton.


4- Spread your favorite mask on your skin and wait for the mask to dry, then rub it and wash it with lukewarm water.


5- Close your open pores by passing ice cubes on your face to reduce redness.

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