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Mask to get pink lips in less than 5 minutes - Care Beauty

Mask to get pink lips in less than 5 minutes

Many girls and women suffer from darkening of the lips, and this is what makes them resort to it

To use expensive cosmetics to look more beautiful and attractive with lips

Two roses. Madam, carebeauty Women Magazine, offers you a way to make a natural scrub to rid the lips of dead skin and stimulate blood circulation in them, so that the lips appear more attractive and fresh.


the components:


spoon of toothpaste


a spoonful of sugar


Yogurt spoon


A spoonful of apple cider vinegar





How to prepare:


1- Mix the ingredients in a suitable container until they are well combined.


2- Using a clean, soft-bristled toothbrush, apply a thin layer of the mixture on it, then start peeling off the dead skin on the lips.





By moving the brush in circular motions.


3- Repeat this process calmly so as not to hurt yourself after you have washed your lips and the brush.


4- Continue this process for 5 minutes, then wash your lips with lukewarm water to enjoy perfect pink lips.