Causes of short stature

The human growth rate is a very important indicator of public health, and early medical intervention to treat the causes of short stature can prevent the development of Many future problems that may affect the child, and often the length of the child’s arm when he reaches eight years is almost the same length,


If the measurements of a child’s height and arm length are disproportionate, this may be an indication of disproportionate short stature, which is sometimes known as In the name of dwarfism, some people may suffer from long-term medical complications, but human intelligence is not usually affected by these conditions


The causes of short stature will be discussed in detail. 0 seconds of 30 secondsVolume 0% This ad will expire in 30 seconds Causes of short stature Short stature is a general term for people whose height is much less than average compared to the height of their peers.


The causes of short stature are not limited to a specific disease, but may have other causes, including: Delay in development and affect


Some children may be delayed in their growth compared to peers of the same age, and these children appear younger for their age,


They often enter puberty earlier than peers of the same age, but children with developmental delays continue to grow.


for a long time even after their peers have stopped developing, and that they usually appear the same as their peers when they reach the age of majority or puberty,


Likewise, if one or both parents are short in stature, there is a very high probability that one or all of their children will also be short in stature.


And when there are no medical reasons or underlying health problems behind the short stature of one or both parents, the short stature of the children may be a condition


Totally healthy. Infection with certain diseases One of the reasons for short stature may be infection with some diseases, and there are a number of diseases that may


It is one of the causes of abnormal short stature, and these diseases are divided into several categories, including. Endocrine diseases: The diseases


that affect the endocrine glands affect the hormones produced by these glands and often affect height, and among these diseases that may affect


Short stature what comes. Cushing’s syndrome. Growth hormone deficiency. Hypothyroidism, low secretion of its hormones. Chronic diseases: that


Infection with some chronic diseases may lead to short stature, as they affect the health of the body in general


May affect growth what comes. heart disease. asthma. Inflammatory bowel disease. diabetes. kidney problems; Sickle cell anemia.


The effect of human height on health Some studies have shown that being tall or short does not lead to certain health problems.


However, being tall or short stature may make a person more susceptible to a particular disease or affect him indirectly and from some


These diseases: [3] Diabetes: Some scientists believe that people who have long legs are less likely to develop a disease


Type 2 diabetes. Cancer: Some studies have shown that the incidence rate is for people whose height is below average


naturally less than others. Heart disease: Some scientists believe that people


who are less than 5 feet tall


They are 50% more likely to develop heart disease. Stroke: It is believed that tall people are


Less likely to have a stroke, especially if their weight is in the normal range.

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