Want to change from animal milk? Here are 5 healthy plant-based milks

Rice milk, almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, oat milk… What do you think if we told you that you could replace cow’s or goat’s milk with all these types of plant-based milks? All you have to do is choose the most appropriate type for you to resort to and add it to your diet, especially if you are one of the people who are allergic to animal milk, which causes flatulence and flatulence.

We will make the selection process easier for you and introduce you in the following lines to each of the different and healthy types of milk, derived from non-animal sources.



oat milk

Derived from the seeds of the oat plant (Avena sativa), this type of milk has a light and sweet taste, and is often used as a low-fat alternative to cow’s milk and is suitable for people who follow a vegetarian diet.

Oat milk is lactose-free and contains a very low percentage of fat and calories. It is also rich in vitamins A, B, C, D and E, iron and magnesium.

It is usually recommended to resort to oat milk, especially if the person has cholesterol, as it is free of it. It is also the best type of milk to resort to if a person is allergic to almonds and dairy products of animal origin.  


rice milk

This type of milk is made by boiling brown rice, and since it is made from rice, it is the least effective type of milk for people who are sensitive to lactose, soy and almonds. In addition, rice milk is also suitable for people who suffer from high cholesterol because the cholesterol content in it is very low.

It is true that the percentage of fat in this milk is very low compared to other types of milk, but in return it lacks vitamins, minerals, calcium and protein that the body mainly needs. Rice milk is also rich in starches compared to other types of milk and is therefore not recommended for diabetics and growing children.


Almond milk 

This type of milk is made from ground almonds and is used as a substitute for cow’s milk in general. It is free of cholesterol and lactose and is a non-animal source and therefore 100% suitable for people who follow a vegetarian diet.

Almond milk is rich in many minerals and vitamins such as zinc, iron, calcium and vitamin E. It also contains a lower percentage of protein compared to cow’s milk in particular. This milk is not suitable for people who suffer from high blood pressure because it is rich in sodium, but it is definitely suitable for people who follow a diet to lose weight.


Soy milk

This type of milk is made from soybeans so that the soybeans are soaked in water and then ground. Soy milk is just as high in protein and starch as cow’s milk, but it is an alternative option for vegetarians who do not consume animal products. On the other hand, unlike cow’s milk, soy milk is cholesterol-free and low in fat.

Soy milk is not suitable for people with high purine levels in the body, or what is known as gout.


coconut milk

This type of milk is extracted from coconut and is considered one of the most beneficial types of milk on the aesthetic level In addition to its aesthetic properties, coconut milk helps to lose weight.

It is a rich source of saturated fats that are very beneficial for people who suffer from excess weight and who aim to lose it. It also improves the work of the digestive system and speeds up the metabolism

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