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September 29, 2023 admin

Boiled egg diet to lose weight quickly  

Boiled egg diet to lose weight quickly





Eggs form the core of this diet, in addition to some other foods that are allowed without counting or counting, which are: lettuce, tomatoes, celery, and cucumbers. As for the drinks that you are allowed to have, they are: bitter coffee, unsweetened tea, natural grapefruit juice, and lemon juice. Naturally, here is the boiled egg diet program to lose weight quickly.

– The first day: Breakfast: a piece of toast + a piece of tomato. Lunch: the amount of fresh fruits of your choice. Dinner: two boiled eggs.

– The second day: Breakfast: one boiled egg + a cup of grapefruit juice. Lunch: grilled or boiled chicken breast + two tomatoes. Dinner: a piece of grilled steak + tomatoes and lettuce.

– Day three: Breakfast: one boiled egg + a cup of grapefruit juice. Lunch: two boiled eggs with celery. Dinner: a piece of grilled red meat + lettuce and lemon salad.

– Day four: Breakfast: a piece of toast + a boiled egg. Lunch: the amount of fresh fruits you want. Dinner: a piece of grilled lamb + celery and tomatoes.

– Day five: Breakfast: a piece of toast + a boiled egg. Lunch: two boiled eggs + two tomatoes. Dinner: a piece of grilled fish + lettuce.

Notes: – Do not adopt this diet for more than this period, and you can apply it once a month for 5 days. – Stay away from all foods not mentioned above. – Any substitutions are not allowed. – Drink more water (minimum 10 glasses of water per day). Follow the boiled egg diet to lose weight quickly, and tell us the results you get after applying this wonderful and guaranteed diet.

September 27, 2023 admin

How do we prevent the nails from breaking?

Well-groomed nails are always cleaner and more appealing. No matter how much care I get, the nails can have problems such as being broken and peeling. If you have complaints such as fine nails and breakage, we have compiled natural and effective solutions that you can try at home.


Fractures of the nail can be caused by a variety of reasons. Sometimes it can be caused by our daily activities, eating habits, or our nail care routine. There are some effective methods you can use at home to improve your nail health and have stronger nails. Here is more  healthy and strong here are some suggestions you can try at home for nails:


Use appropriate gloves when working with cleaning materials or chemicals. Chemicals can weaken and dry nails. In addition, opening packages using your nails or scraping various objects can damage the nails. Be careful to use the appropriate tools for such operations.






Carbonate ( 1 teaspoon )Warm water ( 1 cup )




First, take a clean glass and pour warm water into it. The water temperature should be such that it does not burn your hands. Next, add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to warm water. Mix the carbonate well with water, so that the carbonate completely melts. Pour the mixture into your hands or dip your hands in this mixture. Soak your hands in carbonated water for about 10 minutes. During this time, you can rub your hands or keep them in the water. At the end of the time, wash your hands thoroughly with clean water and dry them. Instead of doing this every day, you can repeat it a few times a week







Coconut oil (1 tablespoons)Almond oil (1 tablespoons)Castor oil (1 tablespoons)




As a first step, put the natural oils in your preferred glass bowl. These oils are useful for moisturizing and strengthening the nails. Place the glass bowl in a pot or use the benmari system. Warm up the oils in a simmery manner. For this, place the glass bowl on a pot filled with water and heat the oils on low fire. Oils should be at a temperature that will not burn your skin. When the oils are warm, clean your hands thoroughly and prepare your cuticles as well. Stick your fingers in the warm oil mixture and leave your cuticles in this oil for about 10 minutes. During this time, you should allow the oil to absorb nails and cuticles. Then, gently wipe the oil off your nails. Applying this process 3 times a week can help your nails look stronger and healthier.




Nail it is important to take care of these suggestions to protect and strengthen your health. Here are some more detailed explanations of these suggestions:


Do Not Expose Your Nails to Water: Exposure to water for a long time can cause the nails to dry and break. Therefore, protect your nails when washing dishes using gloves or when you are in the water for a long time.Drink Enough Water: Having enough water in your body helps keep the nails hydrated.Be Careful of Your Diet: Nutrients such as protein, biotin, iron and zinc are important for your nail health. For this reason, maintaining a balanced diet and consuming foods that contain these nutrients benefits your nails.Avoid Plug, Gel or Acrylic Nail: Such artificial nails can cause weakening and damage to the nails. Give your natural nails the opportunity to rest and breathe.Do not drive nail polish: Constantly using nail polish and leaving the nail polish on the nails for a long time can lead to discoloration and weakening of the nails. Give your nails a rest period between them.Make Your Fingernails Shorter: Leaving your nails too long can cause them to break and become damaged. Shorter nails can be healthier.Use a Nail Lotion: You can maintain their moisture by regularly applying nail lotion or moisturizing cream to your nails and hands.Beware of Hand Disinfectant: Hand sanitizers can dry out and weaken the nails. If possible, prefer hand washing, but if you need to use disinfectants, then moisten the nails thoroughly.Change the way you file: Using the nail file too often or too aggressively can weaken the nails. Perform the process gently and with the right method.Use Cleaning Products with Gloves: Cleaning products may contain chemicals and damage nails. Protect your nails by wearing gloves when using such products.Take Care When Choosing Your Shampoo and Shower Gel: Shampoos and shower gels with aggressive or chemical content can dry out the nails. Prefer more natural and gentle products.


Taking proper care of these recommendations to maintain nail health can help you have healthier and stronger nails.




September 17, 2023 admin

What is the elimination diet, how is it used?

The elimination diet is mostly a diet program in which certain food or nutrient groups are removed from the diet plan to find the causes of gastrointestinal problems. Usually food allergy it is also used to detect intolerances. Expert Dietitian Mystery Marine, Answers to questions about the elimination diet…




The elimination diet is a program that aims to detect nutrients that the body cannot tolerate and remove them from the nutrition routine for a while. The individual is monitored for some time by removing these foods from the diet list. One of the most important features of this diet program is that the removed nutrients are then added to the diet list one by one. In this way, the food or food groups that disturb the person are determined. In the process of elimination diet, it will be very useful to take note of your daily nutrition routine, that is, to keep a nutrition diary.  Eliminating certain nutrients can cause conditions such as fatigue and fatigue. In order to prevent these conditions, energy intake should be added instead of the foods eliminated from the diet and this program should be prepared by a nutritionist.




The elimination diet consists of 2 stages and lasts about 4-6 weeks. In the first stage, certain foods are removed from the nutrition plan. At this stage, all foods that the body may react negatively, cannot digest and are at high risk of intolerance are excluded from the nutrition program. This can take an average of 2-4 weeks. All the symptoms indicated by the person before starting the diet are expected to pass during this time. In the second stage, nutrients are included in the re-nutrition plan in order to see which nutrients are causing symptoms. Once you identify the foods that cause symptoms, these nutrients can be completely removed or limited from the nutrition plan.



The elimination diet may not be suitable for everyone and for all age groups. Children, especially those in growing age, or those with allergies, should be careful. This diet is especially effective for reflux, indigestion, stomach complaints, etc, diarrhea, constipation, It is a viable diet for people who have digestive and excretory problems along with gas and bloating. Again eczema, positive results are also obtained in disorders such as migraine, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. Elimination diets, when applied for a very long time, can lead to some deficiencies, as they reduce the intake of foods that are quite important for the body. Also, pregnant and breastfeeding people may not be correct to follow this diet. Other than that, the remaining persons should also exercise expert control.




Elimination diets are not used for weight loss purposes. However, weight loss can be seen in people who apply white flour, gluten and high-fat foods because they are removed from the diet. Since everyone’s metabolic rate is different, the amount of weight lost during the process of the elimination diet may also vary from person to person.



The nutrients that should be avoided in the elimination diet are;


Acid-containing fruits such as oranges and grapefruit, including,Tomato, pepper, eggplant, tomato,Red and chili pepper,All nuts, all,Legumes such as beans, lentils and peas, etc,Grains with gluten content and all nutrientsProcessed meat and shellfish,Dairy products such as milk, cheese and yogurt, etc,Oils such as butter, margarine, etc,Drinks such as alcohol, coffee and black tea,Sugar, sweets and chocolates.




September 5, 2023 admin

Natural mixtures to tighten the body after losing weight

Today, we will reveal to you natural mixtures to tighten the body after losing weight so that you can enjoy a harmonious body and get rid of the sagging that can spoil your appearance.


When you lose weight, you may face some challenges in terms of tightening the body and restoring loose skin, especially after undergoing the sleeve gastrectomy. From here, you may need some natural mixtures that give you the result you dream of.


Olive oil and rose oil


Olive oil moisturizes the skin and improves its elasticity, and thus helps you tighten the skin and reduce its sagging. Therefore, follow these steps:


Mix an equal amount of olive oil and natural rose oil. Apply the mixture to the areas that you want to tighten, such as the abdomen, buttocks, and arms. Gently massage the skin for 10-15 minutes, then leave it for an additional 5 minutes before washing it with lukewarm water. Repeat this mixture regularly for better results. .coffee and coconut oil


Coffee and coconut oil are a great combination to stimulate blood circulation and improve skin elasticity, thus helping you tighten your skin and get rid of sagging. So, take the following steps:


Mix an amount of natural coffee grounds and an amount of coconut oil until you get a paste. Apply the mixture to the sagging skin and gently massage it in circular motions for 5-10 minutes. Leave it on the skin for some time before washing it with lukewarm water. Use this mixture twice a week to improve the appearance and tightening of the skin

aloe vera juice


Aloe vera juice contains moisturizing properties that help tighten the skin and get rid of sagging, so rely on the following mixture:


Cut a part of the aloe vera leaf and extract the gel inside. Apply the gel on the loosened skin and massage it gently until it is completely absorbed. Leave the gel on the skin for 20-30 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Use the aloe vera juice regularly for best results. Rose oil and coconut oil India


Rose oil has antioxidant properties and moisturizes the skin, while coconut oil nourishes the skin and improves its elasticity. So, follow these steps:


Mix an equal amount of rose oil and coconut oil. Spread the mixture evenly on the skin and massage it in circular motions for 10-15 minutes. Leave the oils on the skin for some time before washing it with lukewarm water. Use this mixture regularly to tighten the skin

June 25, 2023 admin

Calories.. How do you calculate them?

German nutritionist Astrid Donalis said that caloric counting is subject to several important criteria such as daily energy need, age, nature of work, exercise, and lifestyle in general.


Donalis explained that the daily energy need consists of two main components, the first of which is the “basal metabolic rate”, that is, the amount of energy that the body needs in a state of rest, and the second is the “physical activity level”, That is, the amount of energy required to perform strenuous physical activity or exercise, which is added to the basal metabolic rate.


Example; A 40-year-old woman who is 1.70 meters tall and weighs 65 kilograms has a basal metabolic rate of about 1,385 calories per day. If she works 8 hours in the office, walks 20 minutes, and does 30 minutes of jogging, her energy requirement rises to about 2,300 calories.


Empty calories


Donalis pointed out the importance of paying attention to what is known as empty calories, that is, foods that contain an amount of calories, but few important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.


Examples of foods that contain empty calories are sweetened beverages and sweets such as chocolate and cake.


energy density


In addition to the amount of calories in food, it is also important to pay attention to what is known as the “energy density”, that is, the number of calories contained in one gram of a particular food.


Energy density is calculated by dividing the calorie content of a given amount of food by its weight.


For example, 100 grams of apple contains 50 calories. Dividing 50 by 100 gives the energy density 0.5.


For comparison; The energy density of a croissant is about 10 times higher.


In general, the German nutritionist recommended not to exaggerate the calories that the body needs daily; Where it is enough to adhere to approximate values, so as not to lose the pleasure of eating

June 17, 2023 admin

Is lemon water really good for our health?

Drinking lemon juice with a little water has become very popular among those looking to detoxify their bodies and burn fat.


There is a lot of misleading information on the Internet about the benefits of drinking lemon juice with water, so the British newspaper “The Sun” collected some of the most common information about this drink, and revealed what scientists say about it.



Is lemon water good for you?


One thing almost all scientists agree on is that we are generally very dehydrated in today’s world, and for that reason alone, if adding lemon to water makes you more able to drink it, that’s a good thing indeed.


Lemon water can help stabilize your appetite, making you snack less throughout the day (due to the blood sugar-balancing fiber).


Lemon water may increase your energy because it is rich in vitamin C, which helps your body absorb iron.


Lemon water can help protect your cells by serving as an effective antioxidant and encouraging you to eat a healthy diet in general.


The drink helps in enhancing the youthfulness of the skin by giving it a boost of vitamin C, which is known to slow down the aging process, but without forgetting a good skincare routine and sunscreen.



How much water with lemon should be drunk every day?


How much you should drink depends entirely on your hydration goals.


However, the researchers did track a few pointers to help figure out the ideal amount for your lifestyle.


For women, it is recommended to get 75 mg of vitamin C each day, while for men, it is recommended to take 90 mg. This can change based on your weight, so if you are in doubt about the amounts needed always discuss medical changes in your routine with your doctor.


The experts at MedicineNet recommend: “Fill a 1-liter bottle with room temperature water, add about 4 slices of lemon, and drink it throughout the day for better hydration results.”


Why is lemon water better than other citrus water?


According to MedicalNewsToday, the nutritional facts for one 48g lemon are:


10.6 calories



18.6 milligrams of vitamin C, or 21% of the recommended daily value


9.6 mcg of folic acid, or 2% of the recommended daily value


49.4 mg of potassium, or 1% of the recommended daily value


0.01 mg of vitamin B-1 or 1% of the recommended daily value


0.01 mg of Vitamin B-2 or 1% of the Daily Value


0.06 mg of Vitamin B-5 or 1% of the Daily Value


And the site states that: “For comparison, replacing the lemon with the juice of half an orange (weighing 43 g) will provide nearly double the calories, about three times the sugar, and 24% of the daily value of vitamin C.”

June 12, 2023 admin

A drink to get rid of excess body fat

Get rid of the accumulated fats in your body that do not give you an ideal slim figure by drinking a drink that tastes delicious and is effective in its results. Follow the following method:


You need:

A bunch of green mint and 2 sliced ​​lemons.

Boil them in a liter and a half of water for 5 minutes.

Then mix them and filter them




Squeeze the juice of 4 pears and 2 kiwis and add them to the first mixture.

Drink it as much as possible, but it is preferable to abstain from it in the evening because it contains vitamin C, which causes sleep disturbances.

Drink 45 minutes before or after eating.

Also, one of the drinks that helps to get rid of fat is drinking green tea with a few drops of lemon.

June 4, 2023 admin

What is Summer Detox? How to Make a Summer Detox?

With the arrival of summer, the word “detox” took its place in our lives. In other words, it is the right time to immerse ourselves in the light foods of summer after the high-calorie foods of the winter season. If you missed a lot these days, if you want to give yourself a little break and moreover, if you want to rest your body, summer detox may be for you. First of all, let’s start our article by briefly talking about what a summer detox is.


What is a summer detox?


It is a type of detox made with summer fruits and vegetables. It consists entirely of light vegetables and fruits. It relieves the body, calms and relieves fatigue. When you say detox, don’t think of those waters that make you hungry right away. Summer detox is a form of purification. It is made with healthy vegetables and fruits. The primary purpose is to purify and lighten the body. Summer detox is a special nutrition program that includes delicious summer fruits and vegetables. It is made to rest the stomach that is constantly busy digesting heavy meals and getting tired. It is an ideal purification method especially for those who have digestive problems. It is said that he lost 3 kilos in 3 days. Doing it for a long time harms the body, so it is important to do it judiciously

In the summer detox list, the day starts with a glass of water with lemon. It is followed by green-rich smoothies. Snacks are important, for example, carrots are ideal. At lunch, green delicacies are supported, such as a low-fat salad with plenty of greens. When it comes to detox, a diet based on only liquid consumption and fasting comes to mind, but summer detox is the opposite of these. The purpose of summer detox is to purify and lighten the body. In doing so, he benefits from every food; It offers a nutrition program rich in protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals. All this is of course limited. It is not a free-for-all nutrition program, but it gets support from many vitamins and minerals. It is recommended to apply for a total of 3 days because too much can be harmful. Losing so much weight at once will alleviate the edema in the body, but it is a question mark whether it will make you lose weight more than fat. Such diets are more beneficial for edema. For this reason, it is recommended to be done in between long-term diets.

What should be considered when doing a summer detox?

The first and most important thing when doing a summer detox is to be convinced that it is not a sustainable diet. Summer detox is not done all the time, it is done occasionally to purify the body. Your dietitian or doctor should definitely approve because not every detox is good for everyone. In order not to endanger your health, you must consult your doctor. It is not a suitable diet for those with serious or chronic conditions. It may interact with the drugs you use regularly, so doctor approval will be required again. In order to benefit from the summer detox effectively, it is necessary to keep water consumption at an ideal level. Regular water consumption is very important. The quality of your sleep is also one of the factors that affect the efficiency of the summer detox. You must pay attention to your sleeping pattern. A summer detox accompanied by a regular exercise program will definitely benefit. If you have the opportunity, apply the summer detox with sports. Summer detox offers a limited nutritional option, that is, it is applied with limited foods. This can negatively affect your health after a while, so you should not eat one type of diet for a long time. Summer detox does not support weight loss in the long run and cannot be done for a long time. The only way to make weight loss permanent is healthy eating and exercise. Such intermediate detoxes are effective in purifying the body and without relieving edema. Summer detox does not support weight loss in the long run and cannot be done for a long time. The only way to make weight loss permanent is healthy eating and exercise. Such intermediate detoxes are effective in purifying the body and without relieving edema. Summer detox does not support weight loss in the long run and cannot be done for a long time. The only way to make weight loss permanent is healthy eating and exercise. Such intermediate detoxes are effective in purifying the body and without relieving edema.



May 4, 2023 admin

Anti-inflammatory diet: eat what heals you

Nutritionist Karen Lamphere says, “Many diseases include a hidden cause associated with the presence of inflammation, such as arthritis, enteritis, asthma, allergies, heart disease, cancer, forgetfulness, and diabetes, and poor nutrition can cause an increase in the severity and severity of the disease.”
An anti-inflammatory diet provides a way to help patients relieve painful symptoms, heal and maintain health.
What is the anti-inflammatory diet?
Essential fatty acids. An anti-inflammatory diet includes healthy, unprocessed foods. Anti-inflammatory fatty acids are a cornerstone of this diet. Lamphere recommends eating foods rich in omega-3s, such as wild salmon, sardines, herring, anchovies, flaxseeds, and walnuts. In addition, other anti-inflammatory fats include olive oil, avocado oil, flaxseed oil, hempseed oil, and walnut oil.


Fruits and vegetables rich in inflammation-reducing antioxidants. Fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants are important, especially onions, garlic, bell peppers and dark leafy greens. These foods are rich in carotenoids, vitamin K and anti-inflammatory vitamin E.
herbs and spices. It contains compounds that fight inflammation. Turmeric, oregano, rosemary, ginger and green tea contain bioflavonoids and polyphenols that reduce inflammation and limit the production of free radicals.
Some vegetables are more effective than others, such as pepper and spices derived from it, such as paprika. All peppers contain capsaicin (the more capsaicin the hotter the pepper), which is an effective neuropeptide blocker involved in inflammatory processes.
healthy protein. There is a difference between the ratio of saturated fats and omega-3s in grain-fed and grass-fed animals, the latter being a healthier choice for an anti-inflammatory diet. In addition, organic pasteurized eggs have better anti-inflammatory fats than farmed eggs. Choose your protein wisely and aim to reduce the amount of saturated fat in your diet

May 3, 2023 admin

The benefits of ground fenugreek on the skin and body

Fenugreek is a drink rich in many vitamins and fibers necessary for health and minerals, but what are the health benefits when drinking boiled water with ground fenugreek? you more details.


The benefits of ground fenugreek


When you use ground fenugreek on a daily basis, you will notice the difference in the appearance of your hair and skin, as the fenugreek works to strengthen the hair roots and rebuild the follicles, as the soaked seeds work to produce a substance that gives a strong shine to the hair like no other, and as an alternative to chemicals, fenugreek seeds can be soaked Throughout the night, then grind in the morning and add yogurt to it, then put it on your scalp for 30 minutes to completely get rid of damaged hair problems. As for the benefits of ground fenugreek on the skin, it works to fight acne and scars on the skin, as it contains a substance that has Powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, it also works to eliminate free radicals that cause wrinkles and dark spots.


Amazing information about ground fenugreek


As for those who suffer from weight gain, the fenugreek works on it to enhance the metabolism process, it may help to lose weight, because it contains natural fibers that work to reduce the desire to eat, which gives a feeling of fullness in the stomach, in addition to that it works to regulate insulin in blood, as it works to control diabetes, and leads to a decrease in blood levels when consuming fenugreek seed water daily, as for new mothers, it is the main drink after childbirth in order to help the mother produce milk because it contains vegetable protein that works to increase milk production and increase levels and weight gain in infants.


Mix the ground fenugreek with honey


In the end, we recommend drinking fenugreek with lemon and honey, as it works to increase immunity, reduce inflammation, and is an essential source of vitamins and many amazing health benefits that are unparalleled.