How do we prevent the nails from breaking?

Well-groomed nails are always cleaner and more appealing. No matter how much care I get, the nails can have problems such as being broken and peeling. If you have complaints such as fine nails and breakage, we have compiled natural and effective solutions that you can try at home.


Fractures of the nail can be caused by a variety of reasons. Sometimes it can be caused by our daily activities, eating habits, or our nail care routine. There are some effective methods you can use at home to improve your nail health and have stronger nails. Here is more  healthy and strong here are some suggestions you can try at home for nails:


Use appropriate gloves when working with cleaning materials or chemicals. Chemicals can weaken and dry nails. In addition, opening packages using your nails or scraping various objects can damage the nails. Be careful to use the appropriate tools for such operations.






Carbonate ( 1 teaspoon )Warm water ( 1 cup )




First, take a clean glass and pour warm water into it. The water temperature should be such that it does not burn your hands. Next, add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to warm water. Mix the carbonate well with water, so that the carbonate completely melts. Pour the mixture into your hands or dip your hands in this mixture. Soak your hands in carbonated water for about 10 minutes. During this time, you can rub your hands or keep them in the water. At the end of the time, wash your hands thoroughly with clean water and dry them. Instead of doing this every day, you can repeat it a few times a week







Coconut oil (1 tablespoons)Almond oil (1 tablespoons)Castor oil (1 tablespoons)




As a first step, put the natural oils in your preferred glass bowl. These oils are useful for moisturizing and strengthening the nails. Place the glass bowl in a pot or use the benmari system. Warm up the oils in a simmery manner. For this, place the glass bowl on a pot filled with water and heat the oils on low fire. Oils should be at a temperature that will not burn your skin. When the oils are warm, clean your hands thoroughly and prepare your cuticles as well. Stick your fingers in the warm oil mixture and leave your cuticles in this oil for about 10 minutes. During this time, you should allow the oil to absorb nails and cuticles. Then, gently wipe the oil off your nails. Applying this process 3 times a week can help your nails look stronger and healthier.




Nail it is important to take care of these suggestions to protect and strengthen your health. Here are some more detailed explanations of these suggestions:


Do Not Expose Your Nails to Water: Exposure to water for a long time can cause the nails to dry and break. Therefore, protect your nails when washing dishes using gloves or when you are in the water for a long time.Drink Enough Water: Having enough water in your body helps keep the nails hydrated.Be Careful of Your Diet: Nutrients such as protein, biotin, iron and zinc are important for your nail health. For this reason, maintaining a balanced diet and consuming foods that contain these nutrients benefits your nails.Avoid Plug, Gel or Acrylic Nail: Such artificial nails can cause weakening and damage to the nails. Give your natural nails the opportunity to rest and breathe.Do not drive nail polish: Constantly using nail polish and leaving the nail polish on the nails for a long time can lead to discoloration and weakening of the nails. Give your nails a rest period between them.Make Your Fingernails Shorter: Leaving your nails too long can cause them to break and become damaged. Shorter nails can be healthier.Use a Nail Lotion: You can maintain their moisture by regularly applying nail lotion or moisturizing cream to your nails and hands.Beware of Hand Disinfectant: Hand sanitizers can dry out and weaken the nails. If possible, prefer hand washing, but if you need to use disinfectants, then moisten the nails thoroughly.Change the way you file: Using the nail file too often or too aggressively can weaken the nails. Perform the process gently and with the right method.Use Cleaning Products with Gloves: Cleaning products may contain chemicals and damage nails. Protect your nails by wearing gloves when using such products.Take Care When Choosing Your Shampoo and Shower Gel: Shampoos and shower gels with aggressive or chemical content can dry out the nails. Prefer more natural and gentle products.


Taking proper care of these recommendations to maintain nail health can help you have healthier and stronger nails.




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