How do you get long hair fast!! Discover the solution with us?

A woman’s hair is a guide to her beauty. It should be vibrant and healthy, and many people want to have long and beautiful hair. We often have wrong thoughts, especially when you don’t realize that how you treat your body directly affects your hair. Therefore, it is recommended to follow the following steps. Here are some magical steps to get long hair in the least time:


1_ Proteins:

Your hair builds its components from proteins that it absorbs from the body, so you have to eat a lot of it..the protein is found in meat, liver, chicken and eggs..also there is lentils and beans.


2_ Drink a lot of water:

If your shave dries up.. dry your hair.. because dry hair breaks easily and does not gain any increase in length.



3_ Do an intense mask for your hair every two weeks:

To renew damaged hair and you can do it at home easily. If your hair is dry.


Use a warm oil mask..from coconut and almond oil…as the coconut oil penetrates deeply into the hair..and almond oil makes it more shiny. Or use two tablespoons of warm olive oil, one tablespoon of cinnamon powder and one tablespoon of honey and massage your scalp and then wash it after 15 minutes.

4_ Protect your hair:

Use a covering for your head while swimming to protect it from chlorine. Tie it in the form of a bun and spray it with special preparations to protect it from the sun’s rays, especially ultraviolet rays.


5_ Even if you wait a little longer, you should remove the damaged ends of your hair and trim it once every 3 months, otherwise you will get long, but fragile hair that is useless.


6_ Massage your scalp with your fingers from 5 to 10 minutes:

To help pump blood through it, because pumping blood helps to transport nutrients necessary for its growth. Also, exercising will increase the blood flow to the entire body and, accordingly, to the head. It is also said that lavender oil stimulates hair growth so massage it into your head day after day.


7. Reducing stress:

Stress leads to hair loss and reduces the speed of its growth.. If you suffer from stress, try yoga or any other sport to control it..because it has many negative effects such as affecting the skin and the appearance of wrinkles and pimples.


8_ Get enough sleep.

Sleeping for 8 hours is necessary for your hair to grow and repair damage.. If you don’t get enough sleep, you won’t get enough time to grow your hair.


9_ Make sure to use natural products:

Avoid chemical products such as those modified with silicone.. and use a natural and free shampoo or conditioner.. Bad brands often cause damage to your hair, so consult a hair expert about the best products to take care of it.. and stay away from concentrated compounds because they force you to wash your hair several times.


10_ Avoid washing your hair daily.

Because frequent washing of the hair strips it of the natural oils that give it health and strength. Therefore, reducing it makes it thicker, healthier and less brittle. You will find it a little difficult to get used to it when you find your hair greasy quickly, but soon you get used to it and you find it longer with time.. and if you need to shower without washing your hair, you must wear a head covering.


11_ Make sure to use a heat protectant before using the hair iron:

To reduce the damage caused by it, try the least heat-needing ones, because too much use dries the hair and damages it, causing the hair to split and grow at a slower rate.

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