The most valuable natural minerals in skin care

The skin needs intensive care during climate fluctuations, as it loses its freshness and a lot of its luster with the change of weather

Therefore, you need special care, and perhaps the best products are those that contain expensive natural materials such as

Platinum, pearls and even diamonds to compensate for what you lose, which reflects its luster and luster on the skin, and from it we chose this natural treasure for you to enrich your skin and enhance its beauty.



This mineral interferes with biological techniques to give its active ingredients the best results that go deep into the cells,

In its nano form, so it entered many cosmetic and therapeutic preparations to tolerate amino acids and calcium

To cells to strengthen and rebuild sagging tissues, this is what was exemplified in La Prairie Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare Serum.

Which restores youth and vitality to the eye contour, making the entire face look younger, healthier and more vibrant.

La Prairie’s philosophy is that platinum helps the skin maintain the electrical balance that

It improves hydration, protection and response to nutrients, transporting skin to a youthful, radiant glow.



Diamond powder is used in skin care products with the aim of sanding and exfoliating it. This exfoliating lotion contains

From La Mer The Refining Facial on diamond powder. This cleanser is once a week.

For your skin to gain silky smoothness and to be completely stripped of the dead dry cells accumulated on its surface.



Eastern women, unlike Western women, love white skin, and Asian women accept skin for possession

Products that lighten the color of the skin. Here is the serum from Chanel Le Blanc Concentrate

Containing pearl protein that eliminates the pallor of the skin and moisturizes it, and pearl powder contains amino acids

And calcium, sugars and peptides that stimulate cell renewal and fight oxidation. These Akoya pearls are cultured.

Akoya has been exclusively for Chanel in Japan for two years. It includes a set of “Le Blanc” for skin whitening

Moisturizing cream and lotion, make-up remover, spot corrector and intensive night treatment to eliminate hyperpigmentation

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