How to get rid of sun spots on the body?

Sun spots or solar freckles are very common, especially in summer , and they are caused by long exposure to ultraviolet rays. The spots can appear at any age and are usually harmless, and they affect people with  lighter skin in most cases .


You should see a dermatologist if you are concerned about any spot on your skin, and the doctor will determine the type and treatment of this spot. If you are suffering from freckles or sun spots, there are many treatments that you can follow. Continue reading on carebeautyco website  to learn more:

Natural ways to treat it gradually:

1- Fresh lemon slices:

Put lemon slices directly on the  sunspot  for 10 to 15 minutes daily. The acidity of the lemon will interact with the sunspot and will gradually reduce its size.


2- Aloe vera gel:

 Use aloe vera extract gel   twice a day to help  heal sun damaged areas   .


3- Green tea:

 Put a bag of green tea in boiling water for 3-5 minutes. Squeeze the bag with a cotton ball and rub it on the spots twice daily.  The antioxidants in the tea help heal.


4- Milk:

Put some drops of milk on the places of injury in the skin, the milk will help the skin heal easily.



5- Vitamin capsules :

Break some vitamin E capsules and place them on the places where the skin is damaged, the vitamin will help the skin heal.


6- A slice of red onion:

Put a slice of red onion and rub   it on the sunspots the acid in the onions helps reduce sunspots effectively .


Some medical prescriptions:

1- Look for products that contain kojic acid , as it helps reduce the appearance of sunspots .


2- Creams and paints that contain labels for tretinoin and Renova help fade dark spots .  


3- Using products that contain azelaic acid This acid is derived from grains such as wheat or barley, and this acid has proven effective in treating sunspots.


4- Creams containing hydroquinone are useful in getting rid of spots, but you cannot use them without consulting a doctor.




Specialized treatments:

1- Laser sunspot treatment:

Laser treatment may be expensive, but it is very effective in removing sun spots from the skin.


2- Chemical peeling:

This treatment uses a mixture of acids that help remove the upper layers of the skin but leave traces of redness on the skin for several days.


3- Cryotherapy:

In this type of treatment, liquid nitrogen is used for freezing. The treatment does not take more than a week, and the affected skin will fall off.


Spot prevention:

1- Use a sunscreen whenever you have to be exposed to it. The sunscreen is not only to protect against the sun’s rays, but it is also used to treat spots.


2- Stay out of direct sunlight:

Wear a hat or use an umbrella, and wear light-colored clothing to deflect the sun’s harmful rays .


Tips :

  •  Do not use a prescription before checking its harm and side effects. Many  prescriptions such as antibiotics and birth control pills , can cause darkening of the skin .


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