How to use eggs for the beauty of skin and hair

At first glance, eggs may seem just an important ingredient for breakfast, making cakes, and the like…. But did you know that eggs are  very beneficial for beauty care? Raw eggs contain a large concentration of proteins and nutrients that are essential to make them one of the most reliable ingredients in the beauty world.


It may seem strange to put eggs on the face and hair … but the benefit and the resulting effect of using it is very large and clear.

Therefore, on carebeauty website  , we will present to you some amazing recipes to restore health and luster to your skin and hair:

**For the skin:

* The egg white is used after separating it from the yolk and whisking well, then it is placed on the face with upward movements (starting from the bottom of the face to the top), it is preferable to put some drops of lemon juice  on the egg white, it is kept on the skin for 15-20 minutes and then washed with warm water.

* An egg white mask that consists of ( oatmeal-honey  – egg whites)


The mask cleanses and purifies the skin, helps reduce the appearance of pimples and pores, and removes dead skin cells.

Egg white works to tighten the skin and give it the required freshness and also helps reduce the appearance of signs of aging.

Egg whites help reduce the appearance of fine lines on the skin.

The protein in egg white helps heal and nourish the skin.



** For hair:

Hair is made up of 70% keratin protein , so egg protein helps rebuild damaged hair and eliminates its breakage, which gives hair strength, health, good growth and prevents its loss.

How to prepare a hair mask

Step 1

Break an egg and put the white and yolk in a bowl, whisk the egg until homogeneous.

Step 2

Add a tablespoon of olive oil or castor oil , mix well with eggs.

(You can add a spoonful of honey for a better result)

How to place the catcher:

Step 1

The hair is washed well with shampoo to make it clean and free of any oils.

Step 2

Dry the hair from the excess water and do not let it dry completely, using a towel.

Step 3

Here, musk is used on the hair. It is applied to the hair, with an emphasis on the ends and roots. To facilitate the distribution of the mixture on your hair, divide it. It is kept on your hair for 30-45 minutes.

Step 4

Wash hair well more than usual to clean hair well of eggs. It is preferable to use the recipe every week for at least two months until you get the desired result in your hair

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