How to protect yourself from diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases in this noisy world and many unhealthy habits.

Diabetes results from the inability of the body to secrete insulin regularly, as usual, to deal with glucose in the blood , or when the cells of the body resist the insulin itself, and it becomes useless.


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Here are some factors that increase the risk of developing diabetes:

** overweight

** genetic factor

** If the age is over 45 years old

** Hypertension

** unhealthy lifestyle


Symptoms of diabetes:

** Increased feeling of hunger

** Increased feeling of thirst

** Increased need to urinate

** Losing a lot of body energy quickly

** slow wound healing

**Loss a lot of weight 

** Blurred vision “decreased degrees of vision”

How can you avoid diabetes??

1. Getting rid of obesity:

Excess weight and obesity are among the most factors that increase the risk of developing diabetes, as excess fat leads to the secretion of a certain hormone in the body that resists the action of insulin, and the more fat in the body, the higher the proportion of this hormone in the blood, which increases insulin resistance.


2. Aerobic exercise:

Exercice regularly is one of the most important keys that give you immunity against many diseases, as it helps burn fat and improves the work of insulin in the body .

Diabetes, educate yourself 3

3. Proper diet:

Choosing healthy, healthy habits is one of the most important effective keys to avoiding diabetes, as your diet should contain a lot of vegetables, fruits and simple starches that do not help in the formation of fats and do not cause blood sugar shock. You should also avoid eating sugar in large quantities and most importantly reduce the intake of nutritional drinks


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