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What Changes Happen to Your Body If You Start Sleeping Without a Blanket?

Most of us can’t imagine sleeping without a warm blanket or duvet. These products, which we do not lack from our bed especially in winter, make us feel safe and protected. But studies in recent years have shown that sleeping without a blanket can have many health benefits. Experts even say that sleeping without a blanket shortens the time it takes to fall asleep. Have you ever thought about what could happen to your body if you start sleeping without a blanket?  Let’s examine the details together.


1. Your metabolism can speed up


Covering a blanket over you at night when you lie down will undoubtedly feel comfortable and warm. But sleeping without a blanket can help you lose a few pounds in the long run. Experts say that sleeping in cooler conditions speeds up metabolism. Accelerating metabolism means you can burn calories faster.


2. You will fall asleep faster


When the weather gets cold, we naturally heat the house and start sleeping with a duvet or blanket. This directly affects your sleep quality. Body temperature begins to drop 60 to 90 minutes before falling asleep. If the room you are in during this time is hot, your body will start to expend more energy to stabilize the temperature. This will cause you to stay awake for a long time.


3. Your sleep quality may increase


If you get up in the morning and find the blanket on the floor, you are not alone. There is actually a scientific explanation for this. If you sleep in a room that is not too hot at night, your sleep quality increases significantly. However, if your room is too hot, your sleep may be divided frequently. Experts say that room temperature should be in the range of 16-19 degrees while sleeping. Higher temperatures can prevent you from moving into sleep stages. Therefore, even if you think you are getting enough sleep in the morning, you may feel tired.


4. Your skin may be healthier


Heavy quilts and blankets can trap hot air directly into your body. This causes you to sweat as it reduces your sleep quality. Sweat can trigger pimples to come out as it causes the pores in the skin to become clogged. Quilts and blankets, especially made of synthetic fabric, do not allow the body to regulate its own temperature. When the heat and friction are combined, the formation of acne after a while is inevitable. Therefore, if you are going to use a blanket, you can make sure that the fabric is cotton.

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