How do nails grow?

How do nails grow?

Nail growth begins originally from the matrix, which is a group of specialized cells at the base of the nail. The only visible part of the matrix is ​​the whitish lunula near the base of the nail.

The hard part of the nail is called the nail surface and it consists of layers
Intense protein, and when the new cells grow, the old cells harden and push out. Either the cuticle or the cuticle is the skin that covers the nail from its base and protects it when it comes out of the matrix.

And the nail of an adult person grows about three milliliters per month with many changes. As for the toenail, it grows by a third to half the pace of the growth of the fingernails. In general, the fingernails need between 4 to 6 months to grow completely, that is, to compensate for all the original cells. Between 12 to 18 months for that.

And the nails of the hands grow faster in children, and the pace of growth reaches its maximum when they reach puberty, to decrease after their twenties, to decrease by 50% over the whole age.

Several cases affect the pace of nail growth, as it increases during pregnancy (by the influence of pregnancy hormones) and decreases during lactation, after exposure to chemotherapy, and in people who suffer from paralysis of the limbs or poor blood circulation.

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