Fasting is “beneficial” for heart patients


Medical reports stated that fasting has many benefits that affect human health, specifically heart patients. Abstaining from food during fasting reduces the burden on the heart by 25%.


However, doctors also advise the need to consult a specialist doctor before starting fasting, to assess the health condition of the disease and its compatibility with fasting.


Heart diseases are among the most common diseases in the world, and many fasting people are unaware of the positive effects of fasting on their health.


Doctors say that many heart patients’ health improves in Ramadan due to fasting, as the effort and work of the heart muscle decreases. When the digestive process occurs during the day, it gives the muscle greater rest because about 10% of the amount of blood that the heart pushes to the body goes to the digestive system during the digestive process.


On the other hand, it is not medically recommended to fast for heart patients who suffer from failure in one of its functions, such as shortness of breath, as well as those who suffer from high or low blood pressure, and arterial patients who become stressed and tired at the slightest movement.


Heart patients are people who require special care, specifically during Ramadan, care related to medication, food, and effort. By adhering to medication and choosing healthy foods rich in fiber and low in fat, heart patients can fast and thus avoid health complications to which they may be exposed.

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