5 reasons to blame for your constant feeling of exhaustion

1) Sleeping on the stomach

During sleep, the body releases fluids from the bloodstream into the tissues, and because of sleeping on the stomach, these fluids pass over the facial area and accumulate around the eyes, making the skin surrounding that area somewhat thin, which results in the appearance of a tired person who has not slept for a while. Long, so the solution lies in sleeping directly on your back and using one or two pillows to ensure the body releases fluids in the right direction.


2) Industrial foods

This includes refined sugar and manufactured carbohydrates, which not only make your body full of fat, but also contribute to changing skin features for the worse through residues that cause inflammation and later help in the appearance of wrinkles. They also directly attack the immune system, which the skin needs to look good constantly, and the solution is Here is to stop eating those foods and rely on eggs, flour, hydrogenated oils and fruit.


3) Allergies

Sneezing, coughing, fever, infection, these seasonal allergies can also contribute to the creation of dark circles under your eyes. Increased blood flow is the main cause of allergies that collect pigment cells in the area under the eyes, where they settle there and cause skin discoloration. The solution is to get allergy treatment first and take an antihistamine regularly.


4) Dry air

Dry air and humidity are also reasons for you to have a tired or pale appearance, because they prevent blood from reaching certain areas of the body, causing the blood vessels around the eyes to dilate and making you look like a sick person. The solution lies in using healthy products to clean the face and eye area properly. Periodically to ensure skin freshness is maintained.


5) Caffeine

Although it is important for feeling energetic in the morning, caffeine helps dry out the skin and increases the chance of wrinkles appearing. It also leaves the skin completely dry and flabby. The solution here is to drink green tea constantly, since it has a lower percentage of caffeine and antioxidants.

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