Stopping antibiotics is harmful to the patient

The German Chamber of Pharmacists in the state of Hessen advises patients who take antibiotics not to stop them on their own, even if they feel better after a short period of taking them.


The Frankfurt-based chamber attributed the reason for this to the fact that early stopping of the antibiotic may lead to a relapse for the patient.


She explained that the remaining bacteria inside the human body quickly become active again if the immune system is not able to eliminate them completely, so patients should always inquire from their treating physician about the period during which they must take the antibiotic.


The Chamber emphasized the necessity of taking antibiotics only in as rare cases as possible, because if they are taken in large quantities, the bacteria causing the disease will then become accustomed to the active substance contained within them, which will help them develop immunity against it.


This resistance ability often fades in subsequent generations of bacteria, and then the drug can regain its effectiveness against them after a certain period.

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