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Common causes of anorexia  

Common causes of anorexia





Anorexia often occurs as a result of feeling bored, lonely, or depressed.


However, there are other reasons you should keep in mind:


• A medication can cause slight nausea or loss of appetite, and the problem can be solved by changing its dosage or switching to another medication, so seek advice from your doctor.

• An undiagnosed chronic illness can cause loss of appetite. If there is no other explanation, ask your doctor if a thorough medical examination is needed.

• Appetite is strengthened by exercising, and elderly people who live a sedentary life have a weak appetite.

• Dental problems (including ill-fitting dentures) can make eating frustrating. If you suspect that a dental problem you are suffering from may be the reason for your loss of interest in food, go to the dentist to get checked out.

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