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The benefits of dates

Dates are one of the fruits of the palm tree, and are also called (dates, dates, or basr). It has a very important nutritional value, as it was considered an important food in ancient times, and it is one of the fruits considered to contain the highest percentage of sugar.

Dry dates contain a large percentage of minerals that are important for the human body in building it and protecting it from many diseases. These minerals include: iron, phosphorus, sulfur, potash, manganese, chlorine, copper, calcium, and manganese. It also contains carbohydrates, fat, water, and a percentage of mineral salts. And vitamin A, B1, B2, and C.”

Among the many benefits of dates, we mention that:

1. It regulates blood sugar levels when taking three or seven pills early in the morning.

2. It helps reduce a person’s appetite.

3. It is used to treat some diseases such as constipation and relieve its pain.

4. It treats anemia. Because it contains a high percentage of iron.

5. Dates provide the body with energy and activity. Facilitates the digestion process.

6. Strengthens the nervous system; Because it contains important minerals such as potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, iron and calcium.

7. It is given to pregnant women to facilitate childbirth; Because it contains the hormone Pitocin, which regulates labor attacks.

8. It treats inflammation resulting from rheumatism.

9. Eating dates protects the intestines from cancer.

10. Dates are considered a muscle and nerve tonic.

11. It works to preserve the moisture and luster of the eyes, and strengthens vision and hearing nerves.

12. It helps with urine production, liver cleansing, and kidney dialysis.

13. Dates calm the nerves, relieve nervous anxiety, and fight laziness and laziness.

14. Dates increase brain vitality; Because it contains phosphorus, which increases sexual activity.

15. Dates activate the immune system.

16. Eating dates increases milk secretion in breastfeeding women.


God Almighty said: (And the palm trees are in clear fields, and they have fresh pollen.) / Surah Q: Verse 10

God Almighty said: (And shake the trunk of the palm tree at you, and it will cause fresh, fresh fruits to fall upon you. * So eat and drink, and soothe the eye.) / Surat Maryam: Verse 25

The Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: “Whoever eats seven Ajwa dates in the morning will not be afflicted with poison or magic on this day.”

The Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: (If one of you breaks his fast, let him break his fast with dates, for they are a blessing. If he does not find them, then with water, for they are purified.)

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