A half-hour nap strengthens immunity

Sleep deprivation is very harmful to health, but a nap may reduce this damage, as a recent scientific study, recently published on the American medical website “Newsmax Health,” confirmed that a nap may partially compensate for the imbalance and damage resulting from lack of sleep, and strengthen the immune system.


• Harmful effects of sleep deprivation


Sleep deprivation can have a negative impact on brain function, metabolism, hormones and the immune system, according to the study.


• Napping


Strengthens the immune system. Brice Farot, a sleep researcher from the French University of Paris, said that while research has shown that a 30-minute afternoon nap can restore alertness, the current study is the first to indicate that a nap has a wonderful effect in reducing From stress, tension, and immune system function.


The study included 11 healthy young people who typically slept seven to nine hours each night, did not smoke, and did not usually take naps.


In their research, the researchers found that lack of sleep also affects the immune regulatory molecule called “interleukin 6,” whose levels decrease when sleep deprived, pointing out that this molecule’s levels remain normal when taking a nap. • The ideal nap. The researchers added that the ideal nap is no less than or more than 30 minutes.

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