Changes in the tongue may reveal cancer

Dr. Ivan Karasev, an oncologist, announced that the appearance of a sticky white layer on the tongue may indicate cancer in the digestive system.

In an interview with, the specialist points out that changes in the tongue could be a sign of digestive problems.

According to him, the tongue serves as a mirror of human health. A change in the color and structure of the tongue can indicate stomach ailments.
The doctor emphasizes that diseases of the digestive system can be diagnosed from the condition of the tongue, including cancer.
And he adds, in this case, the tongue is covered with a thick, sticky white layer, and the person may feel a burning sensation and an increase in saliva secretion. When a person suffers from chronic gastritis, the tongue is covered with a light layer, sometimes dark gray in color, and feels pain after eating.
The color of the tongue is bright red and the appearance of gray spots indicates a stomach ulcer. This disease is accompanied by symptoms such as inflammation and burning in the mouth and increased salivation. A person also suffers from cyanosis (cyanosis), when the color of his skin in some areas of the body turns purple.
And he adds: Gastritis is characterized by the appearance of a sticky dark gray layer on the tongue, accompanied by dry mouth, heartburn, and pain after eating.

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