A hot drink that breaks down cholesterol

The body must maintain a delicate balance of cholesterol – too much of the “bad” kind can clog arteries, causing a host of serious health problems.


Fortunately, there is a hot drink on hand to help you lower your high cholesterol levels: green tea.


Green tea originates from China, where the leaves are heat treated using the roasting method, and Japan, where the leaves are more commonly steamed.


It is exceptionally rich in flavonoids that can help boost your heart health by lowering bad cholesterol and reducing blood clotting.


It has been proven that flavonoids have a positive effect on cholesterol.



Multiple studies showed the effect of green tea on busting cholesterol.


A meta-analysis from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicates that green tea significantly reduces total cholesterol, including LDL, or “bad” cholesterol, in the blood.


However, green tea did not affect HDL, or “good” cholesterol — the kind that counteracts the harmful effects of LDL cholesterol.


Another analysis examined the effect of green tea consumption on blood pressure.


The researchers compared the results of 13 studies from multiple databases. Changes in cholesterol, blood glucose, and body mass index were also evaluated in the meta-analysis.


Another analysis suggested a greater decrease in systolic and diastolic blood pressure after consuming green tea.


The researchers attributed the decrease in cholesterol to the catechins found in green tea.


Can you overdo it on green tea?


When taken in moderation, green tea is said to be safe for healthy adults to drink.


And he warns that “drinking large amounts of green tea may cause side effects because it contains caffeine.”


Possible side effects of green tea include: headaches and insomnia problems.

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