Fish protects against age-related hearing loss

Contrary to the prevailing belief that hearing loss associated with aging is inevitable, a recent study, the largest of its kind, showed that eating fish significantly protects against hearing loss with age, attributing this to fish containing omega-3.



The study, which was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and followed more than 65,000 women from 1991 to 2009, found that eating two meals of fish per week protects against hearing loss with age by a fifth.


Previous studies have found great benefits for “omega-3” found in fish in various health fields. A large study conducted in 2004 confirmed that eating fish protects against heart disease, reduces high blood pressure, and limits the narrowing of the arteries. Other studies have also found benefits for fish in prevention. From dementia, cancer, depression and arthritis.


It seems that fish protects against aging diseases in particular. In addition to its benefits in preventing hearing loss with age, as the latest study shows, a previous study conducted in 2008 found that eating fish on a regular basis protects against vision loss associated with aging, or what is called medically. “Age-related macular degeneration,” which is the most common type of vision loss among the elderly.


Scientists have always considered the decline in hearing ability with age to be inevitable and cannot be reduced, as Dr. Sharon Curhan, author of the study, wrote in the press release of which Al received a copy. He added: “However, research has shown that there are factors “It can delay or accelerate hearing loss, and according to our study it appears that eating fish is a significant protective factor.”

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