First aid for hot liquid burns:  

First aid for hot liquid burns:




Children may be exposed to burns as a result of hot liquids being spilled on them, and to deal with such a situation, German doctor Peter Vogt explains that the most important first aid measures are to immediately remove the child’s clothes wet with hot liquids, so that the source of heat is removed from the skin.

Vogt – who is director of the Hospital for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine in Hannover – added that the second procedure is to cool the affected skin areas with cold compresses placed on the burned part, or to place the burned part under cold water for a short period not exceeding 15 minutes, so that the temperature does not drop. body hard.

On the other hand, Vogt stressed the necessity of not placing any materials – such as flour, for example – on the burned areas, as later in the hospital it will be difficult to remove them, which often causes a waste of valuable time.

To avoid the child getting burned in the first place, the doctor recommended placing a protective net around the stove, and limiting himself to using only the back burners, so that the child would not be able to grab the utensils on the stove. The electric cord of the water kettle should also be kept out of the child’s reach, so that he is not able to pull it and the kettle might fall on him and burn him with its contents.

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