9 practical ways to get better mental fitness

As with physical fitness, mental fitness has far-reaching benefits. But what does it mean to increase your mental fitness? Are there exercises that can be done for this? Can the brain perform certain exercises that increase mental fitness? – Definition of mental and mental fitness Mental fitness has far-reaching benefits (Source: pexels by andrea-piacquadio)


Dr. says Ziad Wael Suleiman, artificial intelligence expert and certified trainer for developing mental awareness for Sayidaty: Mental fitness can be defined as keeping mental abilities sharp and skillful behaviors motivated and active, so that a person can find quick, logical solutions to many of the problems he faces, regardless of their type. Just as physical fitness provides increased ability. To respond to life’s hardships and burdens in all their richness. Mental fitness helps us in the same way, as it provides more space to choose how to respond to a situation, whether this situation is deliberate, an external stimulus, or emotional. As a result, we are more able to cope, and less likely to suffer emotional or psychological harm


Suleiman confirms that when your physical, health, and mental fitness are excellent, you are more responsive to the demands of daily life, more capable of production, interacting and compatible with everything that the days bring, and even more capable of enjoying life, as ideal physical and mental health can bring more feelings. Positivity reduces stress, increases the feeling of accomplishment, and enables goals to be achieved. – What are the benefits of mental fitness? Mental fitness keeps you in a constant state of awareness (Source: pexels by andrea-piacquadio)


Suleiman says the following is one of the most important features of mental fitness:


– It gives you the ability to stop and respond the way you want, in a time of crisis or problem, instead of having to reset or fix situations later. In some ways, it’s like accessing the wisdom of hindsight in the present moment


– Presence. Being in a constant state of awareness enables you to retain information better, listen, find better relationships and be able to communicate with others


– When we have more control over our automatic thoughts, we can choose to respond in a more rational and less emotional way. This improves our relationships and the way we think about the world


– Improving cognitive function, as better concentration, processing speed, memory strength, concentration, data and time management, and positive communication have a positive impact on the personal and professional levels, as relationships improve as a result of remembering information related to friends, family, and important events.


– Increase positive feelings such as optimism. With increased awareness comes the ability to notice thoughts and reframe them in more useful ways. Kind thoughts and empathy form optimistic mindsets that lead to more positive behavior


-More confidence. With optimism, our relationship with ourselves is strengthened. Self-esteem and productive efficiency increase as belief in our abilities makes us focus more on our strengths


– The ability to develop positive habits in all areas of life, as mental fitness improves efficiency, greater alertness, and time management


– Improve sleep. As is…..

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